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== Okay, you've clicked on my profile. ==
''Oh, your sweet disposition''
Hey, there. Welcome. How are you?
== '''What you need to know about me.''' ==
''and my wide-eyed gaze''
I really like music. My favorite artists are Alessia Cara, Bridgit Mendler, Alec Benjamin and Taylor Swift.
[[File:AlessiaCara10.jpg|centre|thumb|500x500px|Alessia Cara]]
''We're singing in the car''
[[File:BridgitMendler10.jpg|centre|thumb|500x500px|Bridgit Mendler]]
[[File:TaylorSwift10.jpg|centre|thumb|500x500px|Taylor Swift (Obviously)]]
''getting lost upstate''.

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Oh, your sweet disposition

and my wide-eyed gaze

We're singing in the car

getting lost upstate.

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