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Melissa Chase (Milo Murphy's Law)

Vargas & Shane characters

Victoria Justice – Detective Ariel Vargas

Elizabeth Gillies - D.D.A. Morgan Shane

Wentworth Miller - Detective Mike Ramsay

Jamie Bamber - D.A. Investigator Richie Lowry

Rose McGowan - FBI Special Agent Camille Etheridge

Boris Kodjoe - ATF Special Agent Jerome Chapel

Clayne Crawford - ICE Special Agent Owen Scott

Katrina Law - DEA Special Agent Alexis Lee

Danny Pino - CHP Officer Luis Cisnero

Sophia Bush - CBI Special Agent Faith Scalieri

Richard Schiff - US Attorney Neil Crown

Taraji P. Henson* - Lieutenant Deidre Joseph

Mike Vogel* - NCIS Special Agent Danny Burnett

Alan Powell* - FBI Special Agent Wesley Wayne

Thomas Gibson* - ICE Special Agent Royce Cole

RZA* - Deputy U.S. Marshal Moses Jones

Troy Winbush* - CHP Sergeant Aaron Hobbs

Joel Courtney* - Detective Jack Hartman

Brenda Song* - Detective Sunny Ng

Beau Garrett* - Beth Greico

  • recurring

Rush Hour Season 2-8 characters/cast changes/storylines

Wendie Malick as Captain Lindsay Cole (season 1-4, 7-8, regular; season 5-6 recurring)

Jessika Van as MSS Agent Kim Lee (season 2-6, regular; season 1, 7-8 recurring)

Ben Rosenfield as Officer Ronnie Bryant (season 2-8, regular)

Kristin Kreuk as A.D.A. Isabelle Yang (season 2-5, regular; season 6-8, recurring)

AnnaSophia Robb as Crime Analyst/Officer Cassie Wilbourne (season 4, regular; 2-3, recurring)

Brock Brenner as Lucas Bryant (season 2-8, recurring), Ronnie and Cassie's precocious young 5-year-old son.

Zac Efron as Detective Logan Bryant (season 2-8, recurring), Ronnie's older, ex-military brother, who works in the Anti-Gang Unit

Cristián de la Fuente as Dr. Antonio "Tony" Cortez (season 3-5, 7-8, recurring), Didi's surgeon ex-husband, and Derrick's father.

Corey Hawkins as Keath Perry Carter (season 3-8, recurring), an Army Ranger, Carter's younger brother, and Gerald's second cousin. Secretly an NCIS agent

Tequan Richmond as Officer Roger Ellis (season 8, regular, season 2-7, recurring), Ronnie's best friend, and fellow officer.

Nicole Beharie as Agent Kendra Patrick (season 4-5, regular; season 3, 6-8, recurring), an ATF Agent and Carter's love interest.

Jerry Ferrara as Hector Amonte (season 5-6, regular; season 8, guest), tech analyst, Cassie's successor, and Didi's love interest.

Cheech Marin as Carlos Diaz (season 4-8, recurring), retired LAPD sergeant & Didi's father.

Tim Daly as Lieutenant Harmon Grey (season 5-7, regular), Cole's successor during her reassignment.

Nicola Peltz as Frances Minnerath (season 7-8), ex-black hat hacker, tech analyst, Amonte's successor, and aspiring FBI agent.

Vanessa Hudgens as Detective Tory Nero (season 8), CSI expert, and Didi's new partner

Bryant Family (season 2-8):

Craig T. Nelson as Steve Bryant, LAPD Deputy Police Chief, father

Bonnie Bedelia as Anna Bryant, mother

Jeremy Sisto as Dean Bryant, former LAPD officer-turned-lawyer, father of four.

Tom Welling as Nathan Bryant, DEA Agent, father of two.

Jonathan Chase as Archer Bryant, CGIS Agent, father of soon-to-be three.

Zac Efron as Logan Bryant, police detective and ex-Marine.

Chris Colfer as Alexander "Alex" Bryant, fashion designer

Ben Rosenfield as Ronald "Ronnie" Bryant, doctor-turned-police officer, father of one.

  • Child prodigy, graduated high school at 12, college at 14
  • Graduated from med school at age 18, and completed residency at 21
  • During first year of residency, he and childhood sweetheart Cassie Wilbourne concieved son Lucas, though she kept this hidden from him for the first five years of Lucas's life
  • At age 24, he was inspired by his brothers to change careers and become a cop, though he maintains his medical license.

Max Records as Slade Bryant, weed distributor and bartender.


  • NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 2)
  • Scorpion (Season 2)
  • Hawaii Five-0  (Season 4)
  • Unforgettable (Season 6)

My contributions

Future fanon names for L.A. cop drama Three Shades.

  1. Det. Demitrius Wade - Justin Cornwell
  2. Det. Robin Taylor - Genevieve Angelson
  3. Det. Yelina Flores - Natalie Morales
  4. Det. Jim Mackenzie - John Grohl
  5. Sgt. Andrea Scallitti - Elizabeth Laidlaw
  6. Cpt. Vince Girardi - Tim DeKay
  7. Corey Morales - Alejandro Hernandez
  8. Moses Johnson - Stephen Rider
  9. Adina Jones - Andrea Bordreaux
  10. Sgt. Walker Kay - Colin Donnell
  11. Paige Sykes - Mercedes Mason
  12. Gavin Barnes - Blair Underwood
  13. Hailey Holt - Ellen Page
  14. Ramon Castro - Richard Cabral

The Sullivans characters

  1. Det. Alicia Pearce - Afton Williamson
  2. A.D.A. Joshua Saxe - Matthew Goode
  3. D.A. Investigator Lance Quelling - William "Big Sleeps" Stewart
  4. Lt. Henry Sykes - Ted Danson
  5. Det. Nathan Redbird - Taylor Lautner
  6. Det. John Lincoln - Daniel Di Tomasso
  7. Det. Atticus Coho - Cameron Bright
  8. D.A. Investigator Dylan Granger - Macaulay Culkin
  9. A.D.A. Cameron Craine - Lucien Laviscount
  10. Officer Rondell Sinclair - Shad "Bow Wow" Moss
  11. Officer Calleigh Pryce - Sarah Dugdale
  12. Officer Austin Cortez - Jake T. Austin
  13. Officer Samar Khaldun - Sophia Taylor Ali


Rush Hour
Genre Police procedural, comedy, action
Creator(s) Blake McCormick
Bill Lawrence
Developer(s) CBS Studios
Starring Justin Hires
Jon Foo
Aimee Garcia
Page Kennedy
Wendie Malick
Jessica Van
Kirk Fox
Ben Rosenfield
Kristen Kreuk
Country of origin America
Language(s) English, Japanese, Latin
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Toby Emmerich
Arthur Sarkissian
Brett Ratner
Jeff Ingold
Blake McCormick
Bill Lawrence
Steve Franks
Running time 40-45 minutes
Original channel CBS (2016; Season 1)
Netflix (2017-present; Season 2-present)
First shown in March-August 2016 (CBS)
May 2017-present (Netflix)
Original run March 31, 2016 – present
Episode No. Title
401 "Meet the (Future) In-Laws"
402 "Dragon"
403 ""
404 ""
405 ""
406 ""

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