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Hello everyone i am Mister Loki and welcome to my user page, feel free to check out my work.

My Work

LEGO Space Racers

LEGO Space Racers follows the racing adventures of Kyle Malkowich, Nova Smithe, Ivan Storm and Jarl Manni to become the champions of the Space Racers Championships. Team Eclipse also faces it's own enemies like Blacktron Corp's Flench and Maerk, Doctor Roth, Team Crimson and many more.

Hero Program 99

Hero Program 99 is a fighting game where you, the player can battle with over 35 with 15 unlockable historic heroes and gods re-created in simulation form in the futuristic world of the 2099 Earth. Play with the likes of Achilles, Sun Wukong, Sun Tzu and even the Allfather himself, Odin. Battle your way through 16 unique battlegrounds with 4 unlockable ones.

Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis

Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis is an RTS by Blizzard Entertainment based on their hit titles Warcraft and Starcraft. You can take the sides of either Overwatch or the Omnics during the events of the first Omnic Crisis and play through the events until Overwatch's fall.