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  • Name:
    • Lord Lycan
    • Lord Zikor Zaggorath
    • Lord Kluutak
    • Ambrose Compton
  • Height: 5'09"
  • Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Age: 16 yrs.
  • Race: Human?

I am not your average 16 year old. I am misunderstood by society as a whole and I do not think I am cut out for it. It does not understand me because of my abnormal consciousness level which is higher than that of a normal middle age man and because, well, I dunno I guess I am just weird, lol. Anyway, I aspire to become a video game story writer / concept artist and maybe save the world some day.

New Skye

World War III began when North Korea invaded China, and then the UK, thus, the US.

Soon, nukes began going off, and on December 21, the human race was nearly extinguished. However, WW3 was not the main attraction.

Earth was nearly hit by a passing planet, known only as Planet X or Marduk. The planet nearly hit Earth, and the time it was closest to Earth was the weirdest. Electronical devices began to malfunction worldwide, and for seven seconds, all technology in the solar system failed. Because of this, the human race still exists today.

By the end of WW3, eight years later, in 2020, almost all the original nations, regions, and organizations of Earth had dissolved into either the Union Command, or the Allied States.

The Union Command wanted to unite all of remaining Earth under a republic, whilst the Allied States were all that remained of those who did not agree with republic, they wanted democracy. Eventually, the UC, once an evil organization, began to have a change of heart. In 2027, the UC began to loose the war, and eventually, it was dissolved in 2028, however, in 2029, they became the Final Contact Resistance. The AS had nearly conquered Earth, attempting to force it beneath them, and soon, they began seeking control of Mars, The Moon, and Venus, this is when the FR stepped in, the last of those who strive for galactic peace, and said, "We refuse to be ruled by anyone."

Now, in the year 2030, the final days of the War have ended, and now, The War of Mankind, has begun.

Now join the battle, and decide the fate of your country.


AVP Survival

It is the year 2389, 8 years after the incident on the USM Auriga, , and the USM has been reformed. The USM mainly operates on the Outer Viel, conducting experiments. Little is known what is being done out there.

In 2382, one year after The DNA War ended, as it is being called, the USM had begun to rebuild. The Biological Weapons Division has gotten a foothold on the hierarchy of the Human Race. Earth and all her colonies are now being run on money, and Biological Warfare against Colonists. The USM suspects the Colonists of consipiracy against the Human Government, and the USM provided false proof which the Government actually took, and believed.

In 2388 of July 23rd the Colonies formed the United Colonist Resistance, UCR, against the USM, and then The Colony Wars began. At first the USM used brute force, but when things got out of hand, they unleashed... their weapon.

On October the 11th, 2388, an entire Colony was wiped out by... monsters. The UCR High Command believes it has something to do with the Xenomorphs. If High Comm finds out that those bastards have brought the Aliens back, they're gonna put their head on a platter and serve it to the Human Government.

Meanwhile, the Yautja have been experiencing animocity amongst it's High Elder Council, with so much division and animocity amongst it's members. So far, they have been seeding worlds nearby the Human Colonies to see how they react and work when in conflict with one another.

Now that they see that the Humans are tampering the the Aliens, they have sent in multiple strike teams to clean up the mess. They are beginning to get tired of cleaning up after the Human's mess. Now, the Aliens are loose on a remote world nearby the Human Colonies known as 'Drellnock'.


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Lord Lycan

Lord Zikor Zaggorath

Lord Kluutak

Davian Ambrosius Compton

Jeremy Richards

Ambrose Compton

Davian Miller

Dark Energy

Deus Ex Erebus






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