Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl

aka Dynasti Noble

  • I live in Texas, USA
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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==Upcoming Ideas==
==Upcoming Ideas==
*[[Kyle + Rosemary]]
*[[Princess Tutu (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[It's Me, Creepie!]]
*[[Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[The Weekenders Meet the Detention Gang!]]
*[[Monster High (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Grim Tales]]
*[[Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Random! Cartoons (reboot)]]
*[[Pretty Cure All Stars: Spring Carnival♪ (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[The Little Lulu Show]]
*[[Is This a Zombie? (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[The Little Audrey Show]]
*[[Tweeny Witches (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Super Hyper Monkey Force Forever!]]
*[[Lolirock (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Jackie Chan Adventures: The Legend of Jade]]
*[[Naruto (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Invader Tak]]
*[[Bleach (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Dexter's Laboratory (2017 reboot)]]
*[[Persona 4 (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Detention: The Video Game]]
*[[Kaijudo: The Video Game]]
*[[X-Men Evolution: The Video Game]]
*[[Star Butterfly and Shareena Wickett Teaming Up Together!]]
*[[The Weekenders: The Newbies]]
*[[New Adventures of Clone High]]
*[[Totally Spies! (TV reboot)]]
*[[Kingdom Hearts: The Animated Series]]
*[[X-Men: The Generation]]
*[[Kaijudo: Duel Power]]
*[[Crystal Prep]]
*[[The Crystal Prep Girls!]]
*[[Crystal Prep: The Video Game]]
*[[Crystal Prep: Sugarcoat's Adventure]]
*[[All Grown Up!: Middle School Daze!]]
*[[All Grown Up!: The Video Game]]

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About me

I make some random ideas I am working on. So yeah, here are the things I like. I like voice actresses like Janice Kawaye, Grey DeLisle, Candi Milo, Tara Strong, Jeannie Elias, and many others. I want to be a skilled voice actress when I grow up. I make polyvore sets and I make more gothic outfits. :) I like Raven alot because I am going to make casual outfits of her. So yeah I decided to do this. I know what ideas I am working on.


My OCs


Upcoming Ideas

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