Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl

aka Dynasti Noble

  • I live in Texas, USA
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Halloween Magical Girl Me.png
Halloween Magical Girl Me.png
Lolita Sweetheart Cyro.png
Lolita Sweetheart Cyro.png
==My OCs==
Lamia_von_Crimson.PNG|[[Lamia von Crimson]]
Drusilla_Wednesday_von_Dirge-Klot.png|[[Drusilla Wednesday von Dirge-Klot]]
Ashlynn_von_Dirge-Klot.png|[[Ashlynn von Dirge-Klot]]
Marisa_Moore.png|[[Marisa Moore]]
Lisa_Morris.png|[[Lisa Morris]]
Grimella_Reaperson.png|[[Grimella Reaperson]]
Kimmy_the_Ghost.png|[[Kimmy Rosethorn|Kimmy the Ghost]]
Luna_Richards.png|[[Luna Richards]]
Bella_de_milo_by_wickidlystrange13-d96wd1x.png|[[Bella de Milo]]
Sugar_Bits_OC_-_Aurora.png|[[Aurora Heart]]
Alisha_Dames.png|[[Alisha Dames]]
Kathleen_Harmon.png|[[Kathleen Harmon]]
Kathy_Sue.png|[[Kathy Sue]]
Alyson_Levinson.png|[[Alyson Levinson]]
Elise_Belvins.png|[[Elise Belvins]]
Mavis_Joles.png|[[Mavis Joles]]
Sammi_Roberts'_Redesign.png|[[Sammi Roberts]]
Annabelle_Sullivan_in_My_Style.png|[[Annabelle Sullivan]]
Madison_McCormick's_New_Outfit.png|[[Madison McCormick]]
Ophelia_the_Vampire.png|[[Ophelia the Vampire]]
Avery_Starlight.png|[[Avery Starlight]]
Violet_Burns.png|[[Violet Burns]]
Lexa,_Miranda_and_Tiffany_Petroff.png|[[Lexa Petroff|Lexa]], [[Miranda Petroff|Miranda]] and [[Tiffany Petroff]]
Tracy Bishop.png|[[Tracy Bishop]]
Robin's face.png
Ophelia Barchulett-Kargenstein.png
Ophelia as a young child.png
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*[[Lolirock (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Lolirock (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Persona 4 (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[Persona 4 (Live-Action Film)]]
*[[The Untold Story of Rapunzel]]
*[[The Moth Diaries 2]]
*[[Princess and the Pea Untold]]

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About me

I make some random ideas I am working on. So yeah, here are the things I like. I like voice actresses like Janice Kawaye, Grey DeLisle, Candi Milo, Tara Strong, Jeannie Elias, and many others. I want to be a skilled voice actress when I grow up. I make polyvore sets and I make more gothic outfits. :) I like Raven alot because I am going to make casual outfits of her. So yeah I decided to do this. I know what ideas I am working on.


Upcoming Ideas

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