Darth Wylind

aka Dalton Wylind

  • I live in Florida, USA
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male
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This Is not an Administrator!

Darth Wylind
Biographical information
Birth date

Ummm..... N/A?


Somewhere over the rainbow


Yeah...I don't think so.

Physical description



I don't know

Hair color

Hair? What?

Eye color

Blue as the ocean

General information

Reading; typing (obviously I wouldn't be here then)

ADMIN vote

Hello, anonymous user, I'm Darth Wylind. I am a new user here on Fanon Wiki, and hope to make a fair amount of contributions. I'm an active user on Star Wars Fanon, hope I get along here just as well as over there.

I will sometime be releasing Hard Crime, a novella I'm working on. I'm also working on a rewrite of policies here on Fanon Wiki, which you'll be able to view here.


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