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I don't have the Third Verse"
~ James Cook

I don't know what the [duck] that is
~ James Cook

James Cook is a Human Cameloti and a independent travelling merchant (meaning he is not in any trading companies) in Eurodon in Camelot, and is one of the most versatile merchants in the country. Been working as a merchant since the age of 10, he had traveled across Camelot, and all over Eurodon. He hopes to one day make his own store or inn somewhere on Eurodon.



Being born as a human make, he possess the physical traits of a male, with a muscular body that fits him, he stands at exactly 6ft tall, and weights 160lbs. Having green eyes, and blonde hair.


He always wears a naval uniform, despite not being a sailor.


Due to being alone, he became somewhat stern persona. Always having a stern expression whenever he talks to anyone, and during business. Even when the Chaotis question him for Zelda Tepes in 4526, he seems to actually question back, and told them he has never even seen her in his life, nor even heard of her when he entered Transylvania for his day-to-day trade. However, at times he does show a cheerful side, being joyful in meeting new trade partners, and meeting friends. While he is stern half the time, he is also a laid back human male, enjoying life to the fullest.

Abilities & Skills


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Shown to be highly intellectually capable, he was able to save him when he fooled two Chaotics with his choice of words, and persuasion to earn their trust. Able to identify and analyze, he is able to take quick, decisiveness actions and formulate strategies and ideas to escape a situation he hates. He is able to analyze body language, to which allows him, to some degree of accuracy, predict bodily movements. He also uses his intellect to his advantage in trade deals and business, using words to get the profit he wants, and with the correct way to do so. Using words, he is able to describe what he has into something of great value on the spot, thus showing his intellectual capabilities in language.
    • Accelerated Thought Process
    • Encyclopedic Knowledge (Eurodon Only)
      • Omnilingualism: James is highly fluent in almost every single language that exists on Patria. Due to the fact he may require to communicate to species who does not speak his own, he came to learn the languages to the Aquilonian languages to to the Nekcrozian languages.
      • Astrology: James is very knowledgeable of the Patrian astrology. He uses the stars, constellations and celestial bodies to help him navigate across Eurodon. He is capable of using the stars to help him know which way is North or South.
    • Enhanced Memory
    • Enhanced Reading
    • Hypercognition
    • Hypercompetence
    • Parallel Processing
    • Photographic Deduction
    • Tactical Analysis


  • Business Sense
  • Dagger Proficiency



  • Sword-Hilt Dagger: James uses a small sword-hilt dagger for self-defense since he was a child. Highly proficient, he can take out multiple enemies if he so wishes.


Early Life


  • James Cook is a fan-made character for Patria.
  • The author of Patria might consider adding James into his stories, if he is interesting enough.
  • In the earliest James Cook draft, he was capable of Dimensional Travel, to which he ended up in Earth-8000. (see James Cook Earth-8000)