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Hello I am Calthrina950, creator and maintainer of the article USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) on this wiki. The article Galactic Empire (Dimensional Universe) is also to my credit. I have also created articles on ImagineWiki, Fiction Wiki, Star Wars Fanon Wiki, and Creative Sci-Fi Wiki. I also have edited or at least read articles on all the wikis mentioned beforehand, as well Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, Wookieepedia, and this wiki of course.

My contributions

The following special shows how many contributions to this wiki I have made so far. You can also click my Contributions button, the last of the row that should appear when you click my account. On the row should be My Home, User page (where you can access all these descriptions here), Talk Page, Blog (you can create your own if you want), and Followed Pages (a list of all the pages I have followed, including User pages and articles)

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