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  • United Has Fallen: Secret Service Director Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) confronts terrorists, including a former United Nations operative (Karl Urban), who seized control of the UN Headquarters in New York. Banning uses his training to protect President Teresa Abbott (Bryce Dallas Howard), her family and others in the building, while Vice President Dean Rocco (Robert De Niro) and other government & UN officials work to solve the situation.
  • Pete's Dragon 2: Attack of the Dragons: Three years after the events of the 2016 remake of Pete's Dragon, Elliot is living in peace with his fellow dragons while his young human companion Pete (Oakes Fegley) has adjusted to living with his adoptive family; mother Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), father Jack (Wes Bentley) and sister Natalie (Onna Laurence). The dragons' tranquility was shattered when Russian soldiers, led by rogue KGB general Valeri Chekhov (Gary Oldman) captures several of the dragons and killed few of it, Elliot managed to escape, but was wounded in the attack. He turns to Pete and his family for help, who enlist Army General Ray Richmond (Morgan Freeman) and his soldiers to rescue the captive dragons and stop the Russians.

The Sullivans


The planned series is a spinoff of Hartman. Set in Denver, Colorado, the series follows Denver Police Detective and former Marine Drake Sullivan and his wife, Executive ADA Katherine Sullivan, as they navigate their work and their family, with Drake's father Ryan, a retired judge and Drake & Katherine's two children, Finn & Mary round out the family.

Drake works for Family Justice Unit (FJU), an elite police unit that investigate crimes that involves families, such as domestic violence, rape, murder, child kidnapping and other unthinkable crimes against families. Drake works with an team of elite detectives, in the Denver P.D., who all report to their ranking C.O. It is their job to investigate the crime, collect evidence, interview witnesses and then, when the evidence points to a suspect or suspects, place the suspect(s) under arrest. The matter is then taken over by Katherine and the prosecutors of the Denver District Attorney's office. They discuss deals, prepare the witnesses and evidence and conduct the people's case in the trial.

Both teams work with the Medical Examiners Office, Crime Lab and psychiatrists from both the police department and DA's office.

Main regulars in the planned season 1

  • Chris Pratt as Senior Detective Drake Sullivan, a confident, gritty detective in Denver PD's Family Justice Unit (FJU). Former Force Reconnaissance Marine. Married to Katherine and has two children (Finn and Mary). His father Ryan is a retired judge. His mother Rachel died of cancer four years before. Older sister Amanda died in a car accident six years before and is survived by her husband & two sons. Younger sister Lydia is married with four children and lives in Chicago, where she works a Chicago 911 dispatcher.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Executive ADA Katherine Sullivan, a tough, but compassionate ADA who is uncompromising and stern against those committed unspeakable crimes against families, women & children and is compassionate towards the victims of rape, child abuse and domestic violence. Married to Drake and has two children (Finn and Mary). Parents and two siblings murdered at a young age by a mob. Is estranged from her surviving younger brother Joey Ashford who is living elsewhere.
  • Keith David as Captain Eugene Winder, Commanding Officer of Denver Police Family Unit. Married for 20 years and father of two (two sons).
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Senior Detective Miguel Ruiz, a charming, womanizing detective in the FJU. Divorced twice with three children from both marriages (A son from the first marriage, two daughters from the second one).
  • Annie Wersching Sergeant Nicole Richter: Sergeant of Denver Police Family Unit. Divorced and has a teenage son. Was addicted to opioids due being shot in the line of duty.
  • Corey Hawkins as Junior Detective Jackson Holmes, a blunt, straight-forward detective in the FJU and Ruiz's partner. Former Army Ranger. Recently married to ICU nurse Kim Quincy and is expecting their first child.
  • Teri Reeves as Junior Detective Andrea Donnell, a tough, compassionate detective of FJU and Drake's partner. Comes from a family of cops. Divorced single mother to two daughters (Diana and Emily).
  • John Francis Daley as ADA Trent Doyle, Katherine's second chair. Openly gay and has a boyfriend.
  • Jeremy Ratchford as DA Investigator Mario Nazario, a former Denver cop now D.A. Investigator. Widowed with two sons.
  • Sheila Vand as DA Investigator Hessa Cohen, a former undercover FBI agent now D.A. Investigator and a third generation Iranian-American. Single with no children. Was fired from the FBI for torturing a terror suspect to stop the attack. Katherine helped her get a job as D.A. Investigator. Older brother is a FBI agent.
  • Jason Maybaum as Finn Sullivan, Drake and Katherine's oldest son.
  • Spencer Moss as Mary Sullivan, Drake and Katherine's youngest.
  • Clancy Brown as Ryan Sullivan, a retired judge. Widowed when his wife Rachel died of cancer. Has three children Amanda, Drake and Lydia and eight grandchildren. Older daughter Amanda was killed in an car accident and is survived by her husband and two sons. His middle son Drake lives with him along with Drake's wife Katherine and their two children Finn and Mary. Younger Lydia is a Chicago 911 dispatcher and is married with four children.
  • Scott Glenn as District Attorney Andrew Bishop, Conservative. Married 44 years, has five children (two sons and three daughters) and several grandchildren. Was estranged from one of his daughters when she came out as a lesbian, but have since reconciled.


  • Joe Alder as Officer Kyle Francis, the IT expert for FJU. He's single and has a twin sister, who is a Emergency Department doctor.
  • Kelly Hu as Lieutenant Hannah Wie, a seasoned investigator who came at the top of her class as one of the few Asian women in the DPD, and eventually became C.O. of the department's Vice Unit. However, her tenure there came to an end when over a dozen officers under her command were caught up in a corruption scandal. After spending sometime floating in Internal Affairs, Winder will select her to be his new second-in-command mid-season. She is widowed with a teenage daughter, and has also recently been raising her younger sister's two young children (due to her sister being involved in an abusive relationship).
  • Kellita Smith as Dr. Robinetta Cooke, the local M.E. who assists the FJU on cases involving death. She is a former Navy Medic and once had an oxy addiction that stemmed from an injury in the line of duty. She is widowed with a biological preteen daughter and an adopted young son.
  • Tahj Mowry as C.J. Winston, a witty, Yale-educated forensic specialist who works with the FJU. He is the younger brother of Cleo Winston from Law & Order: New Orleans and Cara Winston from Hartman. He has a steady girlfriend who works as a private forensic accountant.
  • Odette Annable as Dr. Kendall Fleiss, a forensic psychologist and criminal profiler who will assigned to the FJU mid-season. Formerly with the Department of Homeland Security, she helped get into the minds of terrorists and sleeper agents, before deciding to take a job slightly more toned down for her family's sake. She is married and has five children.
  • Graham Greene as District Commander Dan "Red Fox" Cutter
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Nathan Whitman, Amanda's husband who is widower after Amanda's death. He owns the shopping mall and is the father of two sons.
  • Elaine Cassidy as Lydia Graves, the younger sister of Drake and the youngest daughter of Ryan. She is married to Chicago Police Sergeant Owen Graves and has four children. She works as a police dispatcher for Chicago Police Department.
  • David Ramsey as Owen Graves, Lydia's wife and the father of their four children. He is a former Navy SEAL and is now a Chicago police sergeant.
  • Emily Deschanel as Amanda Sullivan, the late older sister of Drake and Ryan's oldest daughter. She was a prolific defense attorney and was working on following her father's footsteps as a judge until she was killed in a car accident.
  • Edie Falco as Rachel Sullivan, the late wife of Ryan and mother of Amanda, Drake & Lydia.
  • Anna Diop as Kim Quincy-Holmes, Jackson Holmes' wife and works a nurse.
  • David Gallagher as Joey Ashford, Katherine's estranged younger brother who is a best-selling crime novelist and published some best sellers under the name J.T. Asher. After the murder of their parents and two older siblings by the mob, he has been having difficulty dealing with that trauma.
  • Warren Christie as Sergeant Landon Kruger, a Denver police sergeant who was killed in the backdoor pilot and occasional appears in flashback.
  • Judy Greer as Emily Thornton, a prominent defense lawyer who is friends with Katherine since law school.
  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Judge Adam Wellington, a judge who is a close friend of Ryan when he was a judge. Although a friendly judge, he is nevertheless stern on the court and will be afraid to butt-heads with Katherine or any other lawyer at court.

Season 1 subplots

  • Drake helps Katherine find the mob hitman who killed her parents and two older siblings when she and her brother Joey were young. Hessa later joins in to help them out. The hitman's identity will be revealed in the final three episodes of the season.
  • Ruiz's womanizing ways often irritates other members of the FJU, including Winder.
  • The newly-married Holmes will become a father.
  • One of Donnell's daughters witnessed a crime.
  • Newly assigned Sergeant Nicole Richter adjusts to her post while continue visiting AA meetings for her previous opioids addiction and trying to get custody for her teenage son Brian.
  • Bishop and Doyle have an awkward working relationship due to the fact that Doyle is gay and Bishop's conservative views & that one of Bishop's daughters is a lesbian which led to a previous estrangement as the result of it.
  • Katherine's estranged brother Joey appears in four or five episodes when he did a book signing in Denver of one of his novels.
  • One episode will be mostly flashback on how Drake and Katherine met and how they became a couple.
  • Nazario struggles with his health due to years of drinking, smoking, and some poor dieting.
  • Ryan becomes restless in his retirement and lending himself out as a part-time legal consultant.
  • Winder becomes Holmes' go-to guy for advice on fatherhood. Also, he deals with his older son finishing medical school, and his younger son graduating college and opting to join the FBI as an agent.
  • Finn and Mary face bullying from several other kids at school, and the reasons behind it turn out to be linked to a previous case their parents worked on.
  • Lieutenant Hannah Wie, a former C.O. of Vice Unit, will join the FJU in the mid-season.

Season 2 subplots

  • The FJU investigates when multiple girls vanish and work with Vice Unit (or what ever the Denver PD vice unit is called) members Sergeant Alicia Pearce (Afton Williamson) and Detectives Taylor Kellerson (Tate Ellington) and Ramon Rivas (Kirk Acevedo) when they discover that a human trafficking ring is involved.
  • In a two part-episode, Drake and Katherine work to save two abused children with help from their colleagues from their violently abusive, rich father who killed their mother.
  • Wie (Hu is promoted to a regular by now) takes care of her sister's children (a boy and a girl) because her sister is in an abusive relationship that she can't seem to pull herself out of.
  • Holmes' family will be explored with his retired Army colonel father Frank (Danny Glover) and his gun dealer brother Terrell, who is the CI for the Denver Police Vice Unit.
  • Donnell's family will be explored. There will be family trouble.
  • Mid-season, Bishop suffers a family tragedy and took a leave of absence, which he appointed Executive A.D.A. Jeremy Pierce (Neal McDonough) to step in as an interim DA.
  • Kyle (Alder is promoted to a regular by now) decides he wants to start taking a more active role out in the field and is partnered with Richter.
  • Doyle and his boyfriend, after getting engaged during last season, marry and begin taking steps to start a family.
  • Halfway through the season, Nazario is diagnosed with diabetes, causing him decide to take a step back from his duties and consider taking a promotion to a less-stressful supervisor position. In the last few episodes of the season, he takes the promotion and is replaced by Lance Quelling (William "Big Sleeps" Stewart) as Cohen's partner. Stewart will become a regular in a potential season 3.

Season 3 subplots

  • More of Drake and Ryan's family will be explored. A death in Katherine's family would have them attend a funeral in New York and later a visit the extended Sullivan family in Boston. Ryan's brother and Drake's uncle Patrick (a former Coast Guards member); Patrick's wife Clara (a semi retired IT expert); Patrick & Clara's son and Drake's cousin Daniel (a Boston firefighter) and his wife Camille (a Boston SWAT officer), Patrick & Clara's daughter and Drake's cousin Grace (a subway train operator in Massachusetts Transportation Bay Authority and is married with a son).
  • Donnell will have a love interest in a firefighter.
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