aka Francisco Ruben Mejia

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Supreme Master, collector (of souls), Internet surfer
  • I am Male

What's up everybody? The name's B1bl1kal (my codename and alter ego as well lol) but all my friends call me Ruben (which is my real name as well lol) and I live in the U.S.

& I'm been enjoyin' doin' some public service sometimes on the side while still enjoying & preserving the world of Internet like any other normal person there is. Amazing what we can do with technoIogy these days.

& I'm always there to help out check & fix all whatever problems y'all got with spelling, grammer, accurate info, research, finding right pictures & & stuff like that. Not to mention termology, and most of all, a clear & free open mind.

I mean coohhmme oon! But hey, I was born a perfectionist: it's what I do. But hey, I'm no bad guy & am not so perfect. Only ahead of the curve. Don't cha judge me!

I'm maybe bad sometimes, but it feels so good. Lol... 3:-)

I'm actually not into fanon stuff, but when one of my friends needs with something that has anything with fanon (tasks & favors such as, deletin' unwanted things, fixin' errors, & spelling), I'll be happy to help out.

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