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people:survivors(tyler the party boy,jason(j) the nerd,tyrell the black one,kayla the shy one (decesed)kim kim the whore,alex the loud one,gg the lesbian,lauren the caring one,dd the other lesbian,dj the crack head plot:10 friend go on a trip but there car runs out of gas.they all go back and there are two turn ways 5 go left 5 go lies and says she needs to tie her shoe and tell dd to stay but the rest to go. while dd and gg dont see the group anymore thecabin right beside them that gg only noticed the girl have sex.there is a clown watching them the clown jumps out the girls think it is one of there friend but as soon as a stab in gg's chest dd know it is not a trick.dd runs but it is no good the clown or jack jack the clown throws the knive in her leg and the clown cracks her spine with his knee.he follows the group and has a plan sets his house on fire so all 8 friend can see the fire smoke.while the group that went left had to run though the wood and while there running dj falls and his head hits a bear trap.while tyler is drunk he sees dj and screams he follows the group and tell them what he saw but they didnt belive him because he was drunk.when kim kim steps back a step a rope hangs her up side down the group screams and tries to help her but an arrow flies out of no where and goes though her temples.the group screams and runs but lauren kim kim's sister is cries her eyes out. while the group is hideing behind trees alex wont stop moving and making sticks crack. tyler,jason go up a tree a sleeps while tyrell,kayla,dj,and lauren are to scared to sleep but dj gets knocked out when a tree branch falls on him when he wakes up tyrell,kayla,dj,and lauren are tied together to a tree tyler and jason go to a secret hideout they saw when they where walking.tyler has a knive and cuts them free when they run out the door dj get captured and was thrown in the trap of chainsaws when you open the door the chainsaws will turn on and jack opened the door and threw dj in there while lauren went back for her boyfriend she sees him when jack opens the door agin.the group find a watch tower and heds in for the night but lauren said that they were going to get married at the end of the week.where lauren is sitting is rotten and she falls though but she grabs and branch and pulls her socket.when she lets go her foot is broken and jack grabs her and hangs her with rope covered with dj's guts.then tyler,kayla,tyrell,and jason find a car and drives off in the sunset.

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