Use Somebody is a 2009 American Romantic Drama film written by Scott Neaustader and Michael H. Weber and directed by Lisa Cholodenko starring Chace Crawford, Rachel McAdams, January Jones, Daniel Brühl, Ian McKellan and Diane Keaton.

The film was shot in Philadelphia during the Summer of 2008 and was released in a pre-screening the following year on January 12th, 2009 at the Toronto and Philadelphia film festivals.

The film received positive reception and accolades and was made parrallel to Neaustader and Weber's other incredibly succesful romantic comedy project (500) Days Of Summer.

The film was released theatrically on January 17th, 2009 and then on DVD and Blu-Ray Format on June 20th, 2011.

The film is featured in Empire Magazine's Best Romantic Comedies of 2009.

The film acts as an exploration of three seperate stories all dealing with controversial elements but all referring back to the connection of love.


Lonely Baltimore Accountant Julian Morris (Chace Crawford) is a lonely, depressed insomniac closet homosexual who through intensive therapy decides to come out of the closet to his trophy girlfriend Erica (Kelly Stables) ending their relationship under incredibly bad pretences.

He is from there ridiculed and discriminated against at work apart from his bestfriend Heckel (Tyrese Gibson) and his younger brother D'Arcy (Kel Mitchell) who help him through his transition.

He is kicked out of his apartment by Erica and whilst taking up residence with Heckel and D'Arcy in their duplex takes up on his therapist's advice of taking trips down painful roads to come out with good outcomes.

Heckel and D'Arcy then gear up with the distraught Julian and take him back to his home-city of Philadelphia where his 10 year high school reunion is about to commence.

In coming back to his disapproving father Terrence (Ian McKellan) he comes to meet former classmate of his and friend Claire Davies (Rachel McAdams) who was once one of the most popular girls at their school.

Unaware of his sexuality and after spending a day with him in which she confesses all her problems she decides she has fallen in love with Julian and attempts to salvage a relationship with him.

However as Julian comes to connect with another former classmate and former football stud Russell Forrester (Daniel Brühl) who turns out to be a now open homosexual the two enter a relationship which revitalises himself.

He seeks to be Claire's councellor as the problems she has shared with him remind him of problems he has experienced himself,

However he finds himself shut off and Claire finds herself set on sabotaging Julian and Russell's happy relationship.

She calls upon the help of other former classmate in town for the reunion Maurice Williams (Jensen Ackles) who in turn finds himself only doing her dirty deeds out of an interest in her but things become complicated as his consious kicks in.

Julian's father Terrence comes to confront Claire's mother Jeanine (Diane Keaton) as the two fall in despair as Claire gets what she wanted and it backfires.

An also broken Russell falls down a destructive path but finds salvation with Julian's friends Heckel and D'Arcy and Claire's concerned older sister Lisa (January Jones) who begins a temporary fling with Heckel.


  • Chace Crawford as Julian Morris
  • Rachel McAdams as Claire Davies
  • January Jones as Lisa Davies
  • Daniel Brühl as Russell Forrester
  • Ian McKellan as Terrence Morris
  • Diane Keaton as Jeanine Davies
  • Jensen Ackles as Maurice Williams
  • Katherine Heigl as Receptionist Darlene Jacobs
  • Pablo Schreiber as Donny Blake
  • Bill Hader as Jimmy Morris
  • James Badge Dale as Jeremiah Morris
  • Alexandra Maria Lara as Maid Marion Conter
  • A.J Cook as Elizabeth Dane
  • Tyrese Gibson as Heckel Dress
  • Kel Mitchell as D'Arcy Dress
  • Kelly Stables as Ex Erica Lance
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