Where there are Humans, Urze strikes. Murders, thievery and torturing are my speciality!
~ Urze

Urze (meaning "Poor One" in Gorush) was a goblin brigand, former captain of the Red Raiders and King Marazanir's willing, obedient and ambitious "puppet".



Urze is from the Nainria in the Dark Mountains. Hard life he endured there. That shaped his character.
~ Sekara

Urze's past is mostly shrouded in mistery. Most of what is known are rumors or speculations.

What is known is that he was born in a poor family of Goblins, in the Human settlement of Nainria. Due to their race they were subjected to ill-treatment by the Human citizens and mocked for it. Urze's hatred for them intensified over time, for he saw them as weak in strength and could not understand how the great Ashranias (Goblin tribes) had fallen to them.

Due to their low-status, the family sold Urze as a slave to the House of Bernard, one of the highest families in the whole Dark Mountains. This made him hate his own as well, for he saw them as weak-willed, due to leaving the Humans to usurp them.

During his teenage years, Urze was still a slave, serving as a caretaker to Alexios Bernard. He had to accompany the young duke on his visits and never be seated in his presence. As food, he was left to eat the remains with the dogs and slept in a cage outside the villa, locked by Arun the gardener. His ill-treatment made him vow to one day rise against his oppressor and punish him for it.

One night, several years later, he managed to steal Arun's keys after being locked as usual in his cage. As the Bernards went to their rooms, Urze got out of his "prison" and climbed the walls up to where Alexios slept. As the window was always open, he sneaked inside and strangled the boy, hiding his body under the blanket and eating the food left on the table. He then went out and left the area, pleased that he had succeeded in the first part of his revenge. The family that had sold him to the Bernards remained. That same night, Urze went on a rampage and murdered all his relatives.

Beginning of career in crime

I accept any job. For the right price!
~ Urze

Urze began his career in crime as a thief, stealing food and small jewels from middle-class individuals, but eventually went on to become a known brigand, murdering people for their riches or simply out of pleasure. Otherwise, he offered his services as a bounty hunter and mercenary, though he had the habit of later killing Human employers through intense torture.

Hunt for Queen Aurora Sant

Kill an unarmed queen? Sounds fun!
~ Urze to Augbesh

As he highly rose as one of the underworld's most well-known criminals, Urze was hired by Augbesh, the dragon Marazanir's steward, to assassinate Queen Aurora Sant and bring her head back as proof. The goblin bounty hunter infiltrated the palace using his connections there and succeeded in entering his quarry's private chambers without alerting the guards. After mauling her to death, Urze brought the required proof at the "Bringand Life" Inn, receiving the promised payment. This led to Marazanir using the power loss to force the Humans into accepting him as their new ruler.

The Red Raiders

Where there are riches, the Red Raiders come to plunder them.
~ Sekara

Once he became the top criminal mastermind, Urze employed the services of fellow goblins and established his own group of brigands: the "Red Raiders", specialized in assassinations, torture, murder and plunder. Nainria was among the first Human settlements to be attacked by them, leaving only one sole survivor to tell the tale. Moreover, Urze had the villa belonging to House Bernard burnt and ordered that all goblins that had not rioted against the Human oppressors be killed for their weakness.

Sekara and Ellaran

I hate Elves. And I hate Humans even more!
~ Urze

During Marazanir's reign of terror in Fantasmagora, Urze was a serious threat to both the dragon's army and to the Humans, for he did not care whom he attacked, as long as he could get pleasure from murdering and torturing, which seemed to amuse his sadistic nature. He had even come as to plunder the riches of Elven settlements as well, for the she-elf Ravenna had been captured by the Red Raiders, and forced to pleasure Urze.

When the she-elf Sekara and the human Ellaran rose against Marazanir's regime, the Red Raiders quickly fledged to the King's side, seeing the duo as a common enemy. Urze himself made no secret from his hopes to bring down any Elf or Human resistance and thus willingly accepted to join with the tyrannical ruler.

Urze and his brigands would on several occassions clash with Sekara and Ellaran, such as when the Red Raiders attacked the Human village Anranria on the river Asfaluth. There, they slaughtered many of the men and tried to take the women with them, only to be stopped by the duo. The ensuing fight led to Urze pursuing Sekara into the great tree of Arkenbrand, where the two dueled, with the goblin gaining the upper hand, until the she-elf kicked him in the groin and pushed him over the wooden platform's ledge, leading to Urze's apparent demise in the flames. The rest of the Red Raiders were quickly dealt with.

Urze's return

I'll bring those rebels down, my lord. I promise.
~ Urze to Marazanir

Urze had in fact survived and returned to his lair in the Dark Mountains. He was offered a place as a lieutenant to King Marazanir, proving himself a powerful and willing minion. He was supplied with his own private troop of Gnome mercenaries and a wolf mount, which he named Sharuku ("Old Fang" in Gorush). Using these assets, Urze began to crush resistance to his lord's reign, while also securing his own sovereignity over several ruined Human settlements.

When Sekara and Ellaran resurfaced, Marazanir sent Urze to either kill them or capture them. On several occassions he tried to succeed, but ultimately failed. His constant failures, led the King to see his "puppet" as having outlived his usefulness. After one final attempt, in which the duo escaped, Urze returned to his lord and reported it. Angry at his incompetence, Marazanir devoured him in a fit of rage.

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