Urotsukidoji: Rebirth is a Japanese American animated TV series loosley based on the anime Urotsukidoji. 


High school freshman Yuno Ikeda evacuates her hometown when a demon by the name of Kohoki saves her from a nazi and demon party raiding her town. She meets Amano and Megumi, who are looking for The One; one person who will save the world of Ningen (human) from fusing with the world of Majin (demon). Yuno and Kohoki force themselves to partner up with the two siblings to stop Munchhausen II from fusing the two worlds. But they have to hurry, or the nazi leader will succeed in his evil goal.



Jaime Marichi - Yuno Ikeda

Scott McNeil - Kohoki

Monica Rial - Mika Matsumo

Scott Menville - Amano Jyaku

Hynden Walch - Megumi Amano

Greg Cipes - Kuroko


Todd Haberkorn - Munchhausen II 

Lee Pace - Takeaki Kiryu


1) Yuno Ikeda: "Well I can spit two shits on this city of Tokyo. I give no fucks, I give no god damns!"

2) Mika Matsumo: "And that's the map to Kohoki's heart, Megumi! Thought that'd be cute."

3) Takeaki Kiryu: "So I stole your phone last night Yuno. Who the fuck is Kohoki?"

Yuno Ikeda: "That's the green demon I hang out with, who's also hitting on Megumi."

Takeaki Kiryu: "I didn't know you were BFFs with a rapist goblin."

4) Yuno Ikeda: "Hey bitch! Pick your own goddamn pickup line!"

5) Yuno Ikeda: "Megumi Amano! One of the second graders from that school nearby is on fire and I don't think he's gonna make it."

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