Urban Legends: Off The Air is an upcoming 2011 3D American Teenage Slasher film and sequel to Urban Legend, Urban Legends: Final Cut and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary.

It is to be given a theatrical release like the first two Urban Legend films and renew the series in much similiarity to Last Summer 3D and Scream 4.

Urban Legends: Off the Air is to be written by Silvio Horta and Jake Wade Wall and directed by Silvio Horta.

It is rated R for Intense terror violence and gore, sexual content, drug use and brief strong language

It is to be released on November 18th 2011 in cinemas everywhere.

It is to star Alexander Gould, Allie Grant, Katerina Graham, Matthew Underwood, Loretta Devine, Abbie Cornish, Cayden Boyd, Raquel Castro, Mark Indelicato, Saoirse Ronan, Jessica Amlee and Liliana Mumy.

It features cameo appearences from Selma and Linda Blair, Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Jennifer Morrison and Kate Mara.


A group of Radio DJ Teenagers from WZAB Radio Pendleton College are targeted by a psychopathic serial killer concealed in a Clown Costume who has a passion for Urban Legends and every times off's one of the young youths makes the demise that of a Urban Legend.

As the body count rises for both the Radio DJ students and others at Pendleton it comes down to quiet reformed DJ teen Paul Banner (Alexander Gould) and popular radio DJ female teen Isabel Bates (Allie Grant) to stop the killer but there's a deeper horrifying connection behind all the grisly killings.

The film begins with Samantha Owens (Kate Mara) drive to New Hampshire to meet up with her Grandmother Helen who lives in Pendleton.

Throughout the drive Samantha becomes fearful that something must be in the backseat.

Not paying too much to the road leads Samatha to crash and end up at the gas station of which was once propieted by Michael McDonald where Michelle Mancini stopped for gas.

There is a new owner who'se office is decorated with clowns and a newspaper clipping of the Clown Statue Urban Legend.

He asks Samantha if she has a thing for Urban Legends and she immediatley answers with no, not really.

The man repairs Samantha's car and she gets on the road again soon arriving at her Grandmothers.

She gets there in time to see her Grandmother off and is tasked with house-sitting.

Whilest house-sitting she notices in the lounge-room on a rocking chair is a clown statue concealed in a sheet.

She soon following is killed following a pursuit around the Grandmother Owens house at the Clown Statue is revealed to be a person who kills Samantha by gouging her eyes out.

Samantha's body is then found in the upper guest bedroom bathroom in front of the bathroom mirror which is has blood smeared across the mirror.

The scene then takes us to Pendleton College and a group of Radio DJ Student friends led by Isabel "Bella" Bates (Allie Smith).

From there we see the murder of one of the teenagers which then causes Natalie Simon and her journalist husband Paul Gardener return to Pendleton along with Amy Mayfield who are all killed by Urban Legends.

Following Amy then Paul and finally Natalie's murders the town is put into a national lockdown, however the killer dressed in the menacing Clown Statue Costume is far from finished.

What follows is the Radio DJ teens themselves meeting their gory, bizarre and merciless deaths by Urban Legends.


  • Alexander Gould as Paul Banner -(Character targeted for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Paul Gardener)
  • Allie Smith as Isabel Bates -(Character targeted for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Brenda Bates)
  • Katerina Graham as Samara Jensen - (Character targeted for being best friend of Bella)
  • Abbie Cornish as Sasha Greenberg -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Sasha Thomas)
  • Cayden Boyd as Clark Damon-III -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Damon Brooks)
  • Raquel Castro as Tarvin McDonald -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Michael McDonald)
  • Matthew Underwood as Penn Solomon -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Professer Solomon)
  • Mark Indelicato as Simon Washington -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Stan Washington)
  • Saorise Ronan as Justice Mayfield -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and being the sister of Amy Mayfield)
  • Jessica Amlee as Michelle Valdeon -(Character targeted and killed for both being being a DJ for WZAB, being the sister of Vanessa Valdeon and sharing a similiar name to Michelle Mancini)
  • Liliana Mumy as Meredith Thompson -(Character targeted and killed for both being a DJ for WZAB and sharing a similiar name to Heather Thompson)
  • Loretta Devine as Reece Wilson
  • Kate Mara as Samantha Owens
  • Jared Leto as Paul Gardener- Now the editor and in chief of The Pendleton Summit Newspaper
  • Alicia Witt as Natalie Simon- Now the fiance' of Paul Gardener
  • Jennifer Morrison as Amy Mayfield- Older sister of Justice Mayfield who pretends to be visiting Pendleton to re-connect with her parents aqnd younger sister but in reality trying to catch the killer who murdered the Radio DJ student with an Urban Legend
  • Selma Blair as Tumblay Everrnet- Former WZAB Radio DJ who took over Sasha Thomas' sexual advice postion following her death
  • Linda Blair as Evelyn Everrnet- Mother of Tumblay Everrnet who was the former editor and in chief of the Pendleton Summit Newspaper until she was replaced by Paul Gardener
  • Angela Vint as Kelly Averling

Urban Legends depicted in the film

  • The Itching Powder- Used in Meredith Thompson's murder
  • Slasher Under The Car- Used in Penn Solomon's murder
  • Electric Hand Buzzer- Used in Simon Washington's Murder
  • Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary- Used in Samantha's murder at her Grandmother Helen's house as she is found positioned in front of a mirror and her eyes gouged out
  • The Radio Star's Death- Used in Tumblay Everrnet's Murder
  • Women In White- Used in Tarvin McDonald's Murder
  • The Roomate's Death- Used in Natalie's murder
  • The Gang High Beam Intiation- Used in Paul Gardener and Justice Mayfield's murders
  • The Man with the Hook For A Hand- Used in Amy Mayfield and Kelly Averling's murders
  • Pop Rocks and Soda- In place of Soda just like Parker Riley's murder is drain cleaner used in Clark Damon's murder. However the drain cleaner has been secretly poured into a Soda Bottle and kills Clark as he is dared to try Pop Rocks and Soda
  • The Babysitter's Death- Used in Michelle Valdeon's murder as she is babysitting Isabel Bates' neighbour's children
  • Killer with an Axe Hiding In The Backseat- Used in Sasha Greenberg's murder as she is driving back on her way to Pendleton to meet up with Isabel and Paul Banner following Michelle Valdeon's murder
  • The Clown Statue- The Killer wears a Clown Statue Costume


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