Urban Legend (1998)

  • Michelle Mancini- Decapitated in car     Urban legend used: Killer In The Back Seat
  • Damon Brooks- Hung from tree, landed on car    Urben legend used: The Hook
  • Tosh Guaneri- Strangled to death, wrists slashed    Urban legend used: Girl Killed While Roommate Sleeps
  • Dean Adams- Ankle slashed, Run over with car, impaled with tire spikes   Urban legend used: Slasher Under The Car
  • Parker Riley- Forcefed with pop rocks and toilet cleaner     Urban Legend used: Pop Rock With Soda
  • Sasha Thomas- Hacked to death with axe
  • Professer Wexler- Stabbed in heart

Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

  • Lisa- Kidneys removed, decapitated with broken window  Urban legend used: The Kidney Heist
  • Sandra Petruzzi- Stabbed 14 times with straight razor
  • Simon Jabusko- Bludgeond 8 times with camera lens
  • Stan Washington- Hit in head with pickaxe handle, electricuted
  • Dirk Reynolds- Pickaxed in fingers, pushed into fusebox, electricuted
  • Vanessa Valdeon- Hung from bell at bell tower
  • Professer Solomon- Shot in chest

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

Urban Legend: The Hook's Revenge (2015)

  • Keira's Unknown Father- Slaughtered to death (The Hook)
  • Leo's Mother- Hooked (The Hook)
  • Leo's Father- Hooked (The Hook)
  • Shanikah- Hooked to death (The Hook)
  • Scarlett- Sliced by hook (The Hook)
  • Mason- Stabbed in the back (The Hook)
  • Harvey- Hooked (The Hook)
  • Rosie- Stabbed in the chest (The Hook)
  • Officer Hudson- Dragged away and absorbed into the darkness (The Hook)
  • The Hook - Shot to death, dragged away and buried alive (Keira)

Urban Legend: Santa Clause Kills

  • Homeless guy- Killed (off screen)
  • Alex Andrews- Hanged with Christmas lights (off screen)
  • Clancy Mulhouse- Hit in head with broken beer bottle, fell down chimney
  • Sarah Mulhouse- Knifed in chest, Burned Alvie with flamethrower
  • Officer Talbot- Burned Alvie with flamethrower
  • Larry Icruse- Knifed in head, shot in chest, burned alive with flamethrower
  • Niles Dickons- Arm cut off with clever, hit in face with clever
  • Arturo Jose- Decapitaed with matchete
  • Daniel Horace- Throat slit with knife
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