The flim begains wih five kids playing at a funeral home and they met this girl and they lock he rin the c
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offin and run away.

Six friends Christian(Christian Hall),Sasha(Lucy Hale),Damon(Chris Zylka) Brenda(Jane Levy) Simon(Matt Bomer) and Tracy(Sasha Preste) are collage kids and they are studying about a urban legend about this man who tapped his family deaths and he stabbed them,drowned them,set them on fire,chopped them up with an axe and then ran them over with lawn mowers. Brenda suggests that they stay at the cabin for the night and the others reluctntly agrees.

When  they get to the cabin Tracy is attacked by someone in a costume of the perosn in sinster. That perosn chases Tracy in the woods and trys to stab her to death but Tracy gets free and runs back to the cabin and tells the others what happend and they don't beleve her and Tracy tries to leav ebut the car is gone and she locks herself in her room.

They eat dinner and settle down fo the night with Christian eating a snack, Sasha watching TV, Damon and Simon going to sleep and Tracy sitting on the window seat watching the strom outside and she sees the person again and looks away and when she looks again a hand pulls her outside and the others here this and go in her room and Tracy's gone.

Meanwhile the killer takes her to the clearing and stabs her to death. The next day the others try to look for Tracy and Simon finds Tracy hanging from a nose on one of the trees and the killer puts a bag over his head and drags him to the river where he drowns him to death.

Christian and Sasha find Simon in the river dead and his whole face is cut up and in blood are words the legend is coming true. They run back to the cabin and find the footage of Tracy and Simon dying and Sasha is worried about Damon and Brenda go's outiside looking for them.

Meanwhile Brenda and Damon find Tracy hannging from the tree and the killer sets Brenda on fire and she runs and the killer chases Damon with an ax and he make sit back to the cabin where no one is there and he hides just as the lights go out.

He hides in the kitchen and he here's the killer leaves but the killer is standing right there and he chopes him up Meanewhile Sasha finds the dead body of Brenda and walks away crying but it shows Brenda get up and she hits Sasha in the back of the head with a bat.

Christian is running in the woods and he see's a light and follows it and he dosen't see the car and the car hits him. Brenda ties his body to the hoood of the car they took and when Sasha wakes up she jumps out of the car and runs back to the cabin.

Sasha locks herself in her room and hides in the closet and when she heres Christian calling out to her she opeens the closet and leaves the room and go's in the living room where she is hit in the head with a bat.

Sasha wakes up and she is in the standing on a chair with a noose around her neck.Christian is lying on the ground and she sees him breathing and tries to wake him and he dose and Brenda comes out and hits him in the head with a bat.

Tracy,Simon and Damon are hannging from the ceiling. Brenda explains that she was the one who killed her family and that she keft her father alive and blamed it on him and she ran away beacuse no one knew about her and she says that when they were the ones who locked her in the coffin and she wanted to get revenge on them and she killed her family beacuse she hated them.

Brenda forgets about Christian and Christian hits her with the bat and they fight but Brenda knocks the chair off of Sasha and Christian finds unhoooks Sasha when he locks Brenda outside.

Brenda runs her car into the house and Sasha sets it on fire and sticking to the legend Brenda runs out of the car on fire and she runs out into the woods and they run after her and she dies by the river bit when Brenda and christian leaves her body mysteriously falls into the river and then she pulls herself out of the river

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