Untitled Silent Sequel is a 2020 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher. This film stars Ethan Hawke and Anya Taylor-Joy with Christoph Waltz, Rosamund Pike, Chadwick Boseman, Teresa Palmer, Julianne Moore, Juliette Lewis and Mark Hamill.


2 years after the first film, life is normal for Detective Jason Bennett and Anna Havelock until the appearance of Anna and Jason's father changes everything as Jason and Anna's past returns to haunt them.




Jason blames his dad for ruining his life

  • (Jason and Lloyd walk)
  • Lloyd: Jason, look...
  • (Jason push Lloyd into the wall and grabs Lloyd's neck)
  • Jason: Stop fucking with my own life.
  • Lloyd: Me? I am not the one who made you the person are you.
  • Jason: Fuck you.
  • Lloyd: Fuck me? Yeah, fuck you, this is your fault for everything. My fault?
  • (Jason lets go Lloyd's neck)
  • Lloyd: Jason, I am sorry...
  • Jason: You was useless father, never care about your own family and messing my head.
  • Lloyd: I wasn't 16 years old who fuck a 13 years old virgin.
  • Jason: Lloyd, It was sex!
  • Lloyd: Eliza make a promise to her mother that she will never have sex until you drop your pants.
  • Jason: I did care for Eliza.
  • Lloyd: You manipulating her.
  • Jason: I was a stupid kid.
  • Lloyd: We save you from that thing ruining your life. You and your mother.
  • Jason: But you didn't save her, she died under your fucking nose!
  • (Lloyd punch Jason in the nose)
  • Jason (clear the nose): Can we drop this?
  • Lloyd: No. Then couple of weeks later, Eliza got pregnant with your child.
  • Jason: You knew?
  • Lloyd: I knew, Violet told me. She was angry and crazy. I wanted to kill you until we made a promise that you shouldn't never found out about the child. If you did, she threatened to ruin your life and mine.
  • Lloyd: I choose to protect you and your child.
  • Jason: I has a daughter and her name is Bailey.
  • Lloyd: Yes, you got Bailey in your life. Kelly, the mother of your other kids. Jane and George. And Anna, the innocent and sweet.
  • (Jason grabs Lloyd's hand and squeeze it hard)
  • (Lloyd grunts)
  • (Jason and Lloyd look at each other)
  • Jason: Listen to me, if you hurt her or fuck her, I will kill you so badly. I am not joking.
  • Lloyd: OK.
  • Jason: I give her home, a life and everything. She has no else, just me. I almost lost her once, I will do anything to protect the person I really care about. You have no idea!
  • (Jason drop Lloyd's hand and walks off)
  • Lloyd: Holy shit, he has change.

Lloyd tells Anna that he killed Jason's mother

  • (Lloyd puts his mouth on Anna and holds the knife at Anna's neck)
  • Lloyd: Shhh! Don't make a sound.
  • (Anna in worried face)
  • Lloyd: Anna, I can explain. It was accident. I killed her, I killed the woman I love. Because of Bailey. I knew Eliza was pregnant. I never told Susan or Jason but Susan knew the truth after she found a photo of Bailey.
  • (Flashback start)
  • (Susan hold a photo of baby Bailey)
  • Lloyd (voice): I kept that photo for years, I never knew the baby's name but I kept it. But one night, Susan found out the truth.
  • (Young Lloyd walks into the bedroom)
  • Young Lloyd: Susan.
  • Susan: Is this child yours?
  • Young Lloyd: What? No?
  • Susan: Don't you fucking dare!
  • Young Lloyd: I am telling you the truth.
  • Susan: Listen to this.
  • Susan (reading the letter): This is the only photo you see your own blood, Violet.
  • Susan: Did you and Violet Parker has a child?
  • Young Lloyd: No!
  • Susan: What? Tell me!
  • Young Lloyd: Eliza. Eliza got pregnant and has Jason's child.
  • Susan: My grandchild.
  • Young Lloyd: Me and Violet kept Eliza's pregnancy secret to protect our kids. Violet moved away with Eliza to keep her safe.
  • Susan: What about the child?
  • Young Lloyd: I don't know.
  • Susan: I got a grandchild that me and Jason never knew, you kept it as a FUCKING SECRET!!!!
  • Young Lloyd: I didn't wanted anybody else know the pregnancy.
  • (Susan walks away)
  • (Young Lloyd follows Susan upstairs)
  • Young Lloyd: Susan, where are you going?
  • Susan: I am going to found Jason and tell him that he got a child.
  • (Young Lloyd grabs Susan in the hair)
  • Young Lloyd: I am not letting Jason lost everything he got. He almost lost it once, I am not risking it AGAIN!!!
  • Susan: GET OFF!!!!
  • (Young Lloyd push Susan down the stairs)
  • (Big thud sound)
  • Lloyd (voice): I didn't mean to hurt her, I was only stopping her from exposed the truth.
  • (Susan's dead body lying down)
  • (Young Lloyd runs downstairs and gasp)
  • Young Lloyd: Sus... Susan...
  • (Young Lloyd feels Susan's neck)
  • Young Lloyd: No....
  • (Young Lloyd whimper and start to cry as he grabs the photo of Baby Bailey and the letter, hide it in his pocket and runs outside and get on the car and drive the car)
  • (Scene change with Young Lloyd buried the letter)
  • Lloyd (voice): I buried the letter but I couldn't burn the photo. That was my own memory of her.
  • (Young Lloyd kisses the photo of Baby Bailey and drive back into his car)
  • Lloyd (voice): I went back but when I went inside, I found Jason with his mother's body.
  • (Young Jason cries, holding his mother's dead body)
  • (Young Lloyd in shocked face)
  • (Flashback end)
  • Lloyd: I didn't tell Jason the truth, Bailey and what I did to his mother.
  • (Lloyd look at Anna)
  • Lloyd: Anna, if Jason know, it will destroy him. But I am not risking it with you. Come on.
  • (Lloyd and Anna walks away together with serious music)


  • Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore appears 2015 film Maggie's Plan.
  • Jaeden Lieberher and Jacob Tremblay appears 2017 film The Book of Henry.


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