The Unstoppable film series is a American series of action superhero drama films written and directed by Guillermo del Toro focused on the superhero David Cross (Will Smith), that after witnees his family dying, becomes the vigilante known as Shade. The series has been widely acclaimed for it's characters, sophisticated plot, acting and script

The series was produced by David Heyman and stars Will Smith, Max Von Sydow, Bryan Cranston, Brian Cox, Alice Braga and Samuel L. Jackson in roles through the movies. Production took over ten years to complete, with the main story arc following Shade's quest to overcome his arch-enemy the Comedian.


Unstoppable: The Beggining

Unstoppable: Shadow Savior

Taking place roughly 9 months after the sixth film, The film begins with the disguised Comedian (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and various clown masked henchmen robbing a mob-owned bank, and systematically double crossing each other, killing each other for a larger slice of money. Eventually the only survivor is the disguised Comedian, who reveals himself to the bank manager (Arnold Schwarzenneger) and then takes the money for himself and drives away in a school bus (after shoving and detonating a smoke grenade into the bank manager's mouth), joining a line of other buses just as the cops arrive.

Shade/David Cross (Will Smith), M (Brian Cox) and Detective Michael Hanks (Bryan Cranston) decide to include the new district attorney, Paul Coleman (Elijah Wood), in their plan to eradicate the mob. Although Coleman is dating Maria (Alice Braga), David is impressed with his idealism and offers to throw him a intelligence help. Mob bosses Woodrue Hunt (Thomas Kretshmann), Mole (Djimon Housou) and The Mexican (Edward James Olmos) hold a video conference with Lau (Jackie Chan), a Chinese accountant who has hidden their funds and fled to Hong Kong. The Comedian interrupts the meeting, warning that Shade is unhindered by jurisdiction. He offers to kill Shade for half their money, but the mob bosses refuse, and Mole puts a bounty on him. The Comedian kills Mole and takes control of his men. Shade captures Lau and delivers him back to Washington to testify against the Comedian and the mob. At the time, as M figures out the Comedian's plan, he handles the data to his long time friend and former CIA director Pierce Roman (Jeremy Irons).

On his way to rendezvous with Shade and Paul Coleman, M is ambushed by assailants led by the Comedian and is gunned down. M dies in surgery, and Shade recovers the body. The next day, Pierce, now the Agency's leader summons Shade to the Agency. When Shade withholds M's information, Pierce brands him a fugitive. Hunted by S.T.R.I.K.E., Shade meets with Maria again. Using data in the flash drive they discover a secret Agency bunker in dowtown Washington, where they activate a supercomputer containing preserved data of The Comedian. The Comedian reveals that since the Agency was founded after World War II, the Nai has secretly operated within its ranks, sowing global chaos in the hope that humanity would willingly surrender its freedom in exchange for security. The pair narrowly escape death when a CIA missile destroys the bunker.

The Comedian announces that people will die each day unless Rogers and his team surrenders. He then kills police commissioner Jim Allen (James Earl Jones) and the judge presiding over the mob trials. He also targets Coleman at the fundraiser, but Rogers hides Coleman. Bones foils the Comedian's assassination attempt on Mayor Garcia (Rodrigo Santoro), sacrificing himself in the process. Rogers plans to surrender, but Coleman instead names himself as the group's leader to protect the truth. Coleman is taken into protective custody and pursued by the Comedian across the city; Rogers rushes to Coleman's aid. Bones, who faked his death, helps apprehend the Comedian, as he is put onto their personal few loyal Agency bunker.

That night, Coleman and Holly disappear. Rogers violently interrogates the Comedian and discovers that Coleman and Holly are held in two separate buildings filled with explosives. The Comedian reveals their locations, and Rogers goes to Holly's, only to realize that the Comedian has tricked him into finding Coleman moments before both buildings explode, killing Holly and scarring half of Coleman's face. The Comedian detonates a bomb in the police station and escapes with Lau.

Robert Reese (Seth MacFarlane), an accountant at The New Agency, tells's to Rogers surrender. The Comedian kills Lau, and The Chechen, then threatens to bomb a hospital unless Reese is killed. Rogers and Kyle protect Reese, who changes his mind. The Comedian visits Coleman in the hospital and convinces him to seek revenge. The Comedian then blows up the hospital and escapes with hostages.

After the World Security Council members arrive for the Helicarriers' launch, Bones broadcasts the Agency's plot to everyone at the Triskelion. Penny, disguised as one of the Council members, disarms Pierce. Bones arrives and forces Pierce to unlock the Agency's database so that Penny can leak classified information, exposing The Agency's actions. Following a struggle, Bones shoots Pierce dead. Meanwhile, Coleman starts to go after people responsible for Holly's death, deciding their fates by flipping a coin. He kills Sitwell and a cop who had helped kidnap Holly. It is revealed that the Comedian rigged two ferries with explosives to escalate chaos; one ferry is full of citizens, the other full of prison inmates and guards. He then gives the passengers of each ferry the choice to blow the other up before midnight — otherwise, both ferries will explode. The passengers ultimately refuse.

Molly and Bones ultimately destroys the Agency's building and run off disguised as agents, now with their identities hidden. Rogers asks a reluctant Desmond Miles (Patrick Stewart) to use a city-wide tracking prototype device to find the Comedian; Miles agrees, but says he will resign immediately afterward. The Comedian dresses up hostages as his men, luring Washington's SWAT team to strike them. Rogers fights off the SWAT team and the Comedian's men, then rescues the hostages. Rogers apprehends the Comedian, but the Comedian gloats that he has won, as the U.S.A will lose hope once the Agency's and Coleman's rampage becomes public. Before the SWAT team arrives to take the Comedian into custody, he reminds Rogers that their conflict will be eternal.

Harold's son with three coin flips. He shoots Rogers, spares himself, then flips again to determine the boy's fate. Rogers, who is wearing body protection, tackles Coleman off the building, killing him and saving the boy. Rogers then convinces Harold to frame him for Coleman's murders so that Coleman will remain a symbol of hope for the city. Harold destroys the Agency's KG and launches a manhunt for the remaining freelances, as he imprisoning Rogers. Desmond burns a letter written by Holly to Rogers announcing her engagement to Coleman, and the team watches the signal tracker self-destruct.

An post credits scene sees Rogers boards a prison bus that will transport him to Lompoc penitentiary. As the bus drives down the road, Penny, Kyle, Cho and Bones arrive in their cars to intercept it.

Another post credits shows that The Comedian is now locked into custody permanently. Him, in a voice-over, talks about how harmless he is, and how it was really the city, not him, who committed the murders. The final scene shows Washington's recovering from his terrorists attacks.

Unstoppable: A New Beggining

Eight years after the events of Unstoppable 7, the United States is in a state of peace. Rogers has disappeared since the night of Paul Coleman's death. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Harold Lewis has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Paul Coleman's crimes. At a function celebrating Coleman, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth, simple stating Coleman's campaign phrase: I Believe in Paul Coleman.

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