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Unlocked 3 (2020 film) Action 2020 film.


  • Andrew Smiley as Sergeant Officer Jake 'Charlie' Lawson
  • Jordan McLean as Jay \ T.J Anderson
  • Oliver Swaby as Brett 'Bret' Lawson, Jake's older brother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as A.J Anderson (flashbacks); T.J's half brother.
  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as adult future Kevin Darrow
  • Emilio Hernandez as young Jake Lawson
  • Yasel Hernandez Molina as young Brett Lawson
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself (Cameo)
  • Matthew Ebanks as himself (actor in Havana, Cuba)
  • Pepé Mendoza Ortiz as Pepé Peréz, Jake's uncle.
  • Daniel Ebanks as Tyler, main protagonist and Jake's rival.
  • Jesus Pino as Sergeant Officer Deckard 'Ray Pipo' Lawson; main antagonist and corrupted by his brother Jake.
  • Marilto Hilo as Joe Wes, Jake's enemy.


  • Oliverio Swaby as (DEA agent retired) John Lawson, Jake's father.
  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as Kevin Darrow / Jake 'Charile' Lawson, main antagonist and Jake's and Brett's former buddy and enemy.
  • Glenda Pino as Lily Lawson; Jake's ex wife.
  • Diego Pino as John Lawson; Jake's annoying older step son.