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Unlocked (2011 film) Action-Thriller 2011 film from Netflix.


  • Andrew Smiley as Jake Lawson, main deuteragonist/protagonist, lost his family from murder.
  • Jordan McLean as Jay /T.J Anderson; main protagonist, Jake's former buddy and enemy.
  • Matthew Ebanks as himself, an actor/drug dose.
  • Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo as T.J Anderson (reflection only) Jake's saw him mirror bathroom.
  • Nolberto Swaby as A.J Anderson, T.J's brother. (voice cameo)
  • Yoli Ebanks as Sara Tyler, main deuteragonist.
  • Solangel Cardenas as Diane, Jake's deceased adoptive mother.
  • Tyson Tatum as Eddie 'Stan' Hatcher, main antagonist remake of Takers (2010 film).
  • Dario Rivers as T.J Lawson, Jake's deceased cousin.
  • Matthew Ian Sloane as Jerry, Havana Club Employee.