University is a 2020 Netflix original comedy series.


Six young adults wonder what it is like to live in an university school.




  • Robin Thomas as Principal Tobias Burrage, the principal of the school
  • Nadji Jeter as Leon Sanders, an African-American who happens to be bisexual
  • Joey Bragg as Mason Bradford, one of Kenia's classmates who is bespectacled
  • Linden Porco as Ashton Griffin, one of Kenia's classmates who has dwarfism
  • G Hannelius as Zoey McHall, a college student who is a cheerleader


  • Peyton Clark as Jack Ford, a former high school football player who is working on college football
  • Emily Hahn as Bridget Cook, Zoey's friend
  • Tony Revolori as Sanjeev Calvarez-Rahamad, a student of Indian, Italian and Mexican descent who is a foreign exchange student
  • Brec Bassinger as Eileen Akers, Zoey's friend
  • Nicole Maines as Vivienne Andrews, a transgender student
  • Claire Danes as Talia Henderson, First gave birth to Dominic at age 19, she is a caring mother who works as a nurse.
  • James Franco as Chris Henderson, Talia's snarky husband.
  • Chloe East as Bridget Henderson, Dominic's younger sister who currently attends high school.
  • Seth Lee as Alexander Henderson, Dominic's younger brother who enjoys listening to rock music and is obsessed with skateboarding.
  • Ivy George as Paige Henderson, Dominic's smart younger sister who enjoys reading and Greek mythology.
  • Naomie Harris as Amanda Powell née Downs, Kenia's mother and Burt's husband. She is currently a widower whose husband drove to suicide by hanging.
  • Akiva Schaffer as Burt Powell, Kenia's stepfather who is very strict.
  • Nathaniel J. Potvin as Eugene "Gene" Downs, Kenia's younger brother.
  • Chloe Noelle as Diana Powell, Kenia's stepsister.
  • Akira Golz as Shaunda Downs
  • Jason Drucker as Phillip Powell, Kenia's younger stepbrother.
  • Jasmyn Rae as Bridget Downs
  • Keith L. Williams as LeShawn Downs, Kenia's younger brother.

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