Halloween Horror Nights 2004 was a Halloween event that occurred from late September to late October in 2004. 


There were 7 scarezones in 2004, which were based on infamous Net-Navis from the Megaman Battle Network franchise.

  • Dark Megaman.EXE

This scarezone featured Dark Megaman.EXE and evil Net-Navis similar to Dark Megaman.EXE himself. It was used in New York Street set.

  • Dark Protoman.EXE

This scarezone featured Dark Protoman.EXE and his evil army of Protomen.EXEs. It was used in Court of Miracles set.

  • Bass.EXE

This scarezone featured Bass.EXE and his evil Net-Navi warriors similar to Bass.EXE himself. It was used in the London Square set.

  • Burnerman.EXE

This scarezone featured Burnerman.EXE and other fire-powered Net-Navis similar to Burnerman.EXE. It was used in the West Village set.

  • Plantman.EXE

This scarezone featured Plantman.EXE himself and other plant-like humanoid Net-Navis similar to Plantman.EXE. It was used in the Brownstone Street set.

  • Quickman.EXE

This scarezone featured Quickman.EXE and other fast running Net-Navis similar to Quickman.EXE himself. It was used in the Wall Street set.

  • Elecman.EXE

This scarezone featured Elecman.EXE and other electric Net-Navis similar to Elecman.EXE himself. It was used the Courthouse Square set.

Haunted Houses

There were only 3 haunted houses in this year.

  • Audrey II's Planthouse 

This house was located were Stage 29 is located today. This house featured Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors 1986 film as the house's main icon. Audrey II wasn't the only plant monster in the house, there were also scareactors who played as plant/human/monster hybrids. This maze is also based on an alternate ending of Little Shop of Horrors where Audrey II successfully conquered the world.

  • American Werewolf in Paris

This house was located to were American Werewolf in London was located in 2014. This houses featured scareactors who played as undead people as well as werewolves.

  • Dracula: Legacy in Blood

This house was located to were AVP was located in 2015. This house featured Dracula and his vampire brides. The house takes place in 1897 (same year as what Bram's Stoker's Dracula takes place in). In 2009, Halloween Horror Nights in Florida made their own Dracula maze with a same name based on this Dracula maze.

Terror Tram

In this year, Terror Tram was themed Terror Tram: You'R NexT. The Terror Tram's icons in that year were Classic Universal Monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, Nosferatu, Mummy, Zombies (from: Night of the Living Dead),  King Kong (1930's film version), Phantom of the Opera, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula's Brides, and the Wolfman.

Attractions Operating At That Time

These were attractions that were active, even in Halloween Horror Nights.

  • Jurassic Park: The Ride (It was rethemed as Jurassic Park: In The Dark in that Halloween Event)
  • Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride
  • Back to the Future: The Ride
  • Shrek 4D
  • Terminator 2: 3D
  • Van Helsing haunted house
  • Animal Planet: Live
  • Fear Factor: Live
  • Beetlejuice Show
  • Backdraft
  • Special Effects Stage
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