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United Has Fallen is an 2021 action film and the fourth film of the Has Fallen film series, following Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen.


Two years after the events of Angel Has Fallen, Mike Banning is now the Director of Secret Service. Newly elected U.S. President Teresa Abbott is proposing a controversial treaty to the United Nations. Banning is asked to talk to President Abbott about the issues with the treaty. While in the United Nations on discussing the treaty, the terrorist group, led by a rogue former United Nations operative, seized control of the United Nations Headquarters. Banning managed to get President Abbott to avoid capture and works to get her & her family to safety and trying to avert a even deadlier threat to the United Nations. Vice President Dean Rocco handles the crisis from the White House situation room.


Over two years since the events of Angel Has Fallen, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is now Secret Service Director. Teresa Abbott (Bryce Dallas Howard) is newly-elected President of the United States after Allan Trumbull retired after his first term. Abbott is proposing a controversial treaty to the United Nations that would pull troops out of the countries that no longer need any more military interventions which would result in further civilian casualties. The treaty is met with fierce opposition by military leaders. Vice President Dean Rocco (Robert De Niro) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Barry Norton (Dennis Haysbert) asked Banning to go to New York to talk to Abbott about the issues of the treaty.

While in the United Nations Headquarters, Banning met up with President Abbott. She told him that she does share his concerns, but wants the treaty to happen because she trying to prevent any further unnecessary civilian casualties that could result in unintentional consequences. While meeting with the UN officials, terrorists, led by rogue former covert United Nations operative Frank Barrett (Karl Urban), mounted a drone, air and ground attack and seized the United Nations building. The group is aided by Brigadier General Gordon Glover (Neal McDonough), a former Army general fired by President Abbott for insubordination. UN Secretary General Peter Brown (Cliff Curtis) and other UN and government officials have been taken hostage and are taken to the UN General Assembly. Deputy UN Secretary General Markus Attenberg (Ben Mendelshon) was able to escape the building with his security agents. Banning hid President Abbott during the attack while Abbott's husband Sam and daughter Carol were taken to the safe room below the UN. President of the UN General Assembly Camilla Perez (Paz Vega) was wounded in the attack, but was able to stay hidden in a safe room.

In Washington D.C., Vice President Rocco takes charge of the crisis in the White House situation room. They were contacted by Barrett, who was disavowed on a covert mission and was imprisoned by the Taliban because of UN officials shut down the operation. Barrett plans to take his revenge on the United Nations and plans to destroy them by revealing secret locations of every UN installations and share all secret information to all enemies for them to attack them. He demanded Rocco to hand over Abbott as she was the one who encouraged the UN to shut down the operation and Rocco refuses to do so.

Rocco orders his staff to find any connection to Barrett and General Glover to the attack to find any clues, while Attenberg orders UN operatives to abort all operations as they might be compromised since Barrett knows all United Nations missions and tactics.

As Abbott refuses to leave her family behind, Banning leads her to safety using the key card he took from the slain Security Chief of the UN while he kills some terrorists. They find Perez and tended to her. She provided Banning and Abbott key info of the building. Barrett and Glover ordered a search for Abbott's family.

Thanks to Perez's information, Banning shuts down access to the safe rooms from the control room to prevent Barrett from getting to Sam and Carol sooner. He also shut down the United Nation surveillance cameras. Then with Perez's direction, he finds the satellite phone hidden in the safe in her office and contacts the White House. Authorized to find Abbott's family, Banning plans to get Sam and Carol out while keeping Abbott and Perez in a different safe room where Barrett and his forces already searched. General Norton convinces Rocco to launch an aerial assault to the roof of the UN. But Barrett and Glover discover this and launched drones towards the choppers. Banning advises Rocco and Norton to abort, but the drones take out the team. Barrett kills the President of the United Nations Security Council in retaliation and again demanded to hand Abbott to him. Rocco instantly refuses and Barrett says that he will destroy the United Nations as the result and the consequences will be high.

Banning was able to get to Sam & Carol and escort them to safety while Attenberg is revealed to be in with Barrett and Glover. Attenberg plans to shut down United Nations when he feels that the United Nations are unable to go to war with countries that sponsor terrorism. Abbott and Perez were found by Barrett's men. But Banning spotted Glover and, after taking out the men guarding him, gets information about the mole in the UN, but Glover refuses to name Attenberg to him. After a brief fight, Banning kills Glover by tossing out of the window and falling to his death.

After bringing Abbott and Perez to Barrett, he angrily berates Abbott for convincing the United Nations to disavow him on his mission that led to his imprisonment by the Taliban. Abbott defends her decision because Barrett launched an unauthorized mission that would have resulted in huge civilian casualties. Then Barrett starts downloading all UN secret locations to every terrorist network which would allow them to attack them. Before Barrett can escape with Abbott, Brown, Perez and other UN & Government officials, Banning arrives in the General Assembly and takes out the remaining terrorist with knives, makeshift explosives and weapons. With Abbott resisting against Barrett, Banning got all the other officials out. Before Barrett can kill Abbott, Banning then fights against Barrett. After a long fight, Banning gains upper hand and kills Barrett by stabbing him in the neck with a knife. He and Abbott then aborted the download with help from Rocco, Brown and the other officials.

After the siege, the United Nations and all nations affiliated with them agree to Abbott's proposal with some revisions thanks to Banning's speech while Rocco, Perez and others tried to arrest Attenberg for treason thanks to Glover keeping evidence as an insurance policy and finding evidence that Barrett met up with him in secret few days before the attack, but Attenberg kills himself to avoid arrest. With the treaty finalized, Abbott makes a speech regarding recent events and that they will do whatever it takes to beat terrorists without risking civilian casualties as Banning and his family watched from their home.


  • Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, The Director of Secret Service
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as President Teresa Abbott
  • Robert De Niro as Vice President Dean Rocco
  • Karl Urban as Frank Barrett, a renegade, revenge-driven former United Nations covert operative who masterminds the siege of the UN Headquarters.
  • Neal McDonough as Brigadier General Gordon Glover, a disgraced former Army General who allies with Barrett in taking over the UN Headquarters.
  • Riley Smith as First Gentleman Sam Abbott
  • ??? as First Daughter Carol Abbott
  • Cliff Curtis as UN Secretary General Peter Brown
  • Dennis Haysbert as U.S. Army General Barry Norton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
  • Ben Mendelshon as Deputy UN General Secretary Markus Attenberg
  • Paz Vega as Camilla Perez, the President of the UN General Assembly
  • Radha Mitchell as Leah Banning, Mike's wife
  • Nick Nolte as Clay Banning, Mike's father
  • Bruce McGill as Secretary of Defense Mark Reynolds
  • Marcus Henderson as Ned Harding, White House Chief of Staff
  • Bailey Chase as Secret Service agent John Ragsdale, head of the Presidential Detail.
  • Tim Kang as Kyung-joon Jeong, United Nations Security Chief
  • Michael Irby as Atwater, Barrett's henchman and a member of Glover's team.
  • Iko Uwais as Chen, Barrett's henchman and a member of Glover's team.
  • Elena Satine as Gallagher, Barrett's henchwoman and a member of Glover's team.
  • Nathan Darrow as Harden, Barrett's hacker and a member of Glover's team.


  • For the first time in history, the United Nations will fall.
  • International peace is under siege.


  • The film will be 120 minutes long.
  • It will be distributed by Lionsgate.