United is a 2026 American action film directed by Jordan Vograt-Roberts. The film stars Grant Gustin, John Boyega, Leonardo DiCarpio, Zac Efron, Emily Vancamp, Samuel L Jackson, Barry Pepper, Gary Oldman, and Robert Downey Jr. Two FBI agents are authorized by the president to capture a terrorist who wants to create a world of Chaos.



  • Grant Gustin as Connor Cole:
  • John Boyega as Jason Mitchell:
  • Leonardo DiCarpio as James O'Neil:
  • Zac Efron as Jake Walker:
  • Emily Vancamp as Charlotte Grant:
  • Samuel L Jackson as Nick Conrad:
  • Barry Pepper as Houston Driver:
  • Gary Oldman as Nolan Jericho:
  • Robert Downey Jr as George Washington:
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