Unfriended: Hoax is a 2019 American Real-Time Slasher Horror film written by Alex Rubens and directed by Gerard McMurray. It is the third instalment of the Unfriended film series that following 2014's Unfriended and the 2018 sequel Unfriended: Dark Web.

It stars Chance Perdomo, Katelyn Nacon, Cody Kearsley, Karan Brar, Kolton Stewart, Emma Kenney, Nell Tiger Free, Harley Quinn Smith and Clint Howard.

It was released theatrically on April 12th, 2019 correlating with the plot set date of the initial Unfriended film.

It was met with mixed to positive reception and was a box office success.


Ann Arbor high school student Ivan receives an avi file via gmail that contains what seems to be a horror film clip of an elderly woman in a creepy house, be beaten to death with a porcelain ornament.

Ivan contemplates whether to contact the authorities but decides to figure out if one of his friends and or classmates is responsible. Opening up Skype he calls his friends Lucia, Jonas, Vince, Jezebel and Yuma.

Ivan has a side conversation with Lucia about swiping a match with a guy on tinder, being closeted to the rest of his friends. Ivan is met to meet the attractive private school student of his age, Tyler Boorham for coffee Saturday.

Ivan's parents interrupt the group call to announce they are ready to leave for dinner, so it'll be just him and his 17 year old brother Tom until they are home.

Each of the group soon receives threatening message from each other, as it seems a hacker has gotten into their devices. Eventually they are all threatened with incriminating personal information as 'Tyler' is revealed to be a serial killer catfish targeting them. The real 'Tyler Boorham' is revealed to have been killed in an avi file while walking home, via a brutal stabbing, which is sent to Ivan which he Share Screens.

At a party hosted by classmate Denise Hammond, Lucia's cousin Loni and Loni's friend Markus are killed, Markus pushed while drunk from a roof, and Loni drowned in the pool, both deaths are seen as accidents by the other party-goers. Denise calls Jonas (who she is sleeping with in secret), and is then via her phone added into the group chat by the catfish killer.

The others prepare to disconnect and Lucia calls the police despite their warnings. Yuma rushes from his basement to his van, the killer seems to appear their recording him utilising his webcam and detonates explosives, resulting in his death by immolation.

Jezebel who is in the school auditorium late at night is pursued and lynched from the boardwalk. Vince then succumbs to a poison which results in him bleeding out. It is then revealed the Catfish killer has two murderous accomplices Daryl and Steve, who reveal their identities after arguing when breaking into Lucias and Jonas'. Lucia locks herself in her parents' bedroom (who are not home) and is across the wrists by a slash from a blade by Daryl, who expresses immediate regret in doing so.

Jonas escapes to his car in the garage and is gased as Steve locks it up and tailgates it with carbon monoxide. Ivan tries to take his brother and escape as the main killer arrives and shoots Tom, killing him, before Ivan can kill him with his father's gun of the same type, police swarm and shoot him in the head as the killer disappears. Denise the only one remaining who had began her walk toward Jezebel's, which was close is chased by all three murderers. Daryl turns and kills Steve before being killed by the unnamed main catfish, before police arrive and he runs before being able to stab her.


  • Chance Perdomo as Ivan Redfeld
  • Katelyn Nacon as Denise Hammond
  • Cody Kearsley as Jonas Singer
  • Karan Brar as Yuma Kalli
  • Kolton Stewart as Vince Moriaty
  • Emma Kenney as Jezebel Rogers
  • Nell Tiger Free as Loni Epstein
  • Harley Quinn Smith as Lucia Gordon
  • Clint Howard as Catfish
  • Maxine Barnett as Julianne Myer
  • Harold Perrineau as Calvin Redfeld
  • Cristina Marsillach as Yanni Redfeld
  • Bryce Clyde Jenkins as Thomas Redfeld
  • Lennon Stella as Angie Donowitz
  • Kevin Chamberlin as Helper Daryl
  • James Urbaniak as Helper Steve
  • Jonny Phillips as Neighbor Mr. Muskan
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