Undertale Adventures was a dark ride attraction located at the Imaginary World section of Hootonland. The ride was much darker and is considered to be the scariest ride of Hootonland, even more so than the Haunted Castle. The ride did not contain the main protagonist of Undertale, Frisk, and the guests did not understand that they were playing the role of Frisk, and Mettaton in his EX form appeared often in almost every scene, terrifying many children who rode this attraction. Unlike its modern version, Mettaton EX at the end of the ride seems to push the large boulder and did an evil laughter afterwards, which implies that the main protagonist died. Due to lack of Frisk and even containing much darker and frightening scenes, which were all considered nightmare inducing, the ride permanently shut down in November 6, 2031 without notice and reopened as Undertale: The Scary Adventures in June 13th, 2032 to celebrate Dylan Hooton's 35th birthday.

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