Under Siege: The Colonels (2019 film) Action-Thriller 2019 film reboot spin-off movies.


  • Roymler Matos as Captain Major LPD. Casey Ryback, former Marine and ex-con police cop.
  • Boliche Mya as Maxwell Harris
  • Jason Hydes as Jack Archerson; U.S CIA millitary and former soldier.
  • Charles D. Bush-Ebanks as Sergeant Major Casey Ryback Sr.; Casey's deceased enstranged father.
  • Kayley Fowler as Captain U.S Major Jane Bethany; Casey's former love interest and friend.
  • Keevon Douglas as John Ramon[1]; Casey's oldest son.
  • Roger Swaby as Eddie 'Edwards' Hogwell, Casey's friend.
  • Eduardo Swaby as Ben Hogwell; Eddie's father and Casey's colleague friend.
  • Eduardo Gullien-Hernandez as Eric Ramon/Alejandro Goddard; CIA officer.
  • Jesus Pino as Eric Andres Ramon, John's father-in-law.
  • Diego Pino as Andrés Ramon, John's half brother and Eric's youngest son.

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