Uncle Grandpa is a non-existant Nintendo action-adventure/action RPG videogame series created by Shigesato Itoi. The games in the series have the exact same gameplay as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. While in the platforming sections, it has a 2.5D concept. It is a 2D atmosphere with a 3D environment.


After Zelda II: The Adventure of Link got mixed criticism whether Miyamoto should develop a third The Legend of Zelda. With inspiration from it, Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother series, began working on Uncle Grandpa. He called over Shigeru Miyamoto to be the co-producer and recive permission to use the format of a game he did not create. Uncle Grandpa took a year and a half to develope and was released on April 7, 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. After selling over 35.1 million copies worldwide, a sequel was developed and Uncle Grandpa 2 would be its name.


List of Uncle Grandpa games
Title System Year released
Uncle Grandpa Nintendo Entertainment System 1988
Uncle Grandpa 2 Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Uncle Grandpa: The Last Level Game Boy 1990
Uncle Grandpa 3: Barack's Revenge Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1992
Uncle Grandpa 64: The Obamalings Strike Back Nintendo 64 1996
Uncle Grandpa: Festro's Underpants Game Boy Color 1998
Uncle Grandpa: Sword of Banishing Evil Nintendo GameCube 2001
Uncle Grandpa: The Talking Cherry Cap Game Boy Advance 2003
Uncle Grandpa: Revenge of the Disgustoids Nintendo GameCube 2005
Uncle Grandpa: Duel Screen Destruction Nintendo DS 2006
Uncle Grandpa: Tangled Time Wii 2007
Uncle Grandpa: Return of the Obamalings Wii 2010
Uncle Grandpa: Two Screens and Three Dimensions Nintendo 3DS 2011
Uncle Grandpa: The Rise of Chowder Wii U 2013
Uncle Grandpa: Return to Cartoonland Nintendo 3DS 2015
Uncle Grandpa: Beyond Maximum Featherweight Wii U 2016

Major characters


  • Chowder: The main protagonist of the series and the playable character for the first player.
  • Mung: One of the two dueteragonists of the series and the default character for player 2.
  • Gazpacho: One of the two dueteragonists and the default choice for player 3.
  • Uriko: The secondary tritagonist of the series and the ruler of the Murica Kingdom. She is the default character for player 4.
  • Uncle Grandpa: The character who the series is named after and everyone in the world's uncle and grandfather. In the original game, he was kidnapped by Shelon and Chowder (and Mung) had to save him.


  • Barack: A hybrid of literally every species who is the series' main antagonist.
  • Caillou: A Micrian who is an elemental mage and the secondary antagonist of the series.
  • Obamalings: The thirteen chilldren of Barack. Listed below are them from youngest to oldest. Although the make a return in Return of the Obamalings, they actually die in Snail Land, which Itoi confirmed Snail Land takes place after all games that feature the Obamalings.
    • Kyle H. Obama
    • Jesse S. Obama
    • Caige D. Obama
    • Gabi L. Obama
    • Desiree F. Obama
    • Vincent B. Obama
    • Darrin H. Obama
    • Matteo F. Obama
    • Madison S. Obama
    • Luisaddie C. Obama
    • Montana M. Obama
    • Max G. Obama
    • James A. Obama
  • Chokertok: An old, yet powerful Obamagic who frequently appears and was the main antagonist of Uncle Grandpa: Gary's Island where he was Barack's second-in-command.
  • Barack III: While not considered an Obamaling, Barack III is the youngest of Barack's children, and the only one still alive for that matter.

One-time main antagonists

  • Barack Sr.: Barack's father and was the main antagonist of Uncle Grandpa 2. He acomplished his goal by dreaming about being the ruler of Cartoonland and in his dream within everyone else's dreams, noone could do anything about it. That is until he's carried into a volcano at the end.
  • Festro's Underpants: The main antagonist of the titiluar game. It has three phases, Festro's Underpants, Festro's Life, and The Wrath of Festro. It was the final boss, however, it wasn't the true villain.
  • Bromanor: The true main antagonist of Festro's Underpants and the first female main antagonist. She was the true mastermind behind the Disgustoid swarm and is a secret boss.
  • Sketaria: A stereotypical witch who was the main antagonist of Duel Screen Destruction.
  • Dementriko: Another female main antagonist who was in Two Screens & Three Demensions. She was responsible for having three demensions in two screens, hence the title.
  • Rulimina: The final female main antagonist who was in Evil Still Stands.
  • Walu: Claimed to be the last evil organism in the multiverse who appeared in Last of Them. He however wasn't the last evil creature though.
  • Yvelle: A decendant of Walu who revived the family tradition of being evil and was in In the Future. The new generation of heroes not only defeated him, but killed him to stop evil rom spreading into and demension in existanse. Now evil will literally never return to any demension in existance.


  • All of the one-time villains die.
  • Sean's prototype name was "Chowder". Which that would explain the "Chowder" sign parodying the Hollywood sign in Murica Kingdom.
  • Itoi wanted to kill of Caillou at first because he wasn't the main antagonist, but grew so fond of developing his character, he wanted to make Caillou the secondary antagonist.
  • One Million Notes and Two Screens & Three Demensions are the only two games released in one year.
  • Itoi also wanted to kill of Barack III at the end of Revenge of the Disgustoids. He along with Sheldon would have gotten crushed by the Disgustoid mothership and since Sheldon's revival from The Last Level made him unable to be killed and Barack III would have died in the end. He scrapped it however because he wanted Barack III to be in a future Uncle Grandpa game.
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