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Uncle (Stanley: The Little Dragon)
Background information
Feature films Stanley: The Little Dragon
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators John Pomeroy
Voice Harry Shearer
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Joe
Other names The Leader (stolen identity)
Personality Greedy, self-absorbed, sardonic, haughty, mean, mysterious, harsh, relentless, sneaky, tricky, power-hungry, possessive, arrogant, aggressive, pushy, rude, funny, crafty, intelligent, quick-tempered, honest (formerly), grouchy, cranky, stubborn, bossy
Appearance Obese, purple dragon, dark tan tail, blue eyes
Occupation TBA
Alignment Bad
Goal Become the Alpha-Dragon (succeeded)
Home Hidden World
Relatives The Leader (brother; deceased)
Maggie (sister-in-law)
Stanley (nephew)
Cynder (nephew)
Pyro (niece)
Allies Maggie (formerly)
Enemies Stanley, Prince Kevin, the Leader, Maggie, Cynder, Pyro
Likes Being in charge, himself
Dislikes Humans, Stanley, Maggie, the Leader, not being in charge
Powers and abilities Tricks
Weapons Teeth
Fate Stabbed in the heart by Prince Kevin.
Quote "Look on the bright side, Leader. After I defeat you and take over as Alpha-Dragon, you'll have so much more time to spend with your pathetic excuse of a son."

Uncle is the main antagonist of the 1987 animated film, Stanley: The Little Dragon. He is the (former) Dragon Alpha who is Stanley's greedy and selfish uncle.


He was first seen the Leader's return to the Hidden World, and reunites with his wife Maggie. Uncle thinks of using his newborn son, Stanley, as an advantage to finally become the Alpha dragon. At Stanley's birth, Uncle suddenly stops the celebration and reminds the Leader that Stanley must perform the Rite of Passage in order to be officially accepted into the pride. Leader, believing it to be a breeze, accepts the opportunity.

As Stanley (now a teenager) prepares for the Rite of Passage, Uncle comes along and tricks him into choosing Teetsi (a large, slender, muscular dragon who is also Uncle's henchman) as his opponent. As Stanley "fights" With Teetsi (mistaking it to be a dance battle), Uncle laughs, saying to himself, "This is even better than I thought!" When Stanley loses the fight, Uncle dethroned the Leader as Alpha dragon and banished him, Maggie and Stanley and makes Alex wear the Hat of Shame (which is a ridiculous-looking coconut shell decorated with a whole bunch of fruit at the top), and then breathes the Leader with a fireball, killing him.

When the dragons is captured and turned into petrified crystals, Uncle suggests that the dragons would have to fight for the humans, including Prince Kevin. When his niece, Pyro, object to this insane proposal, Uncle tells them if they're hungry they'll have to look for humans for food. The dragons object to this notion as well, knowing that vikings are outside the reserve. However, Stanley steps in and states that he himself went off the reserve and survived. He then states that he himself will leave the reserve to save the dragons back. While the other animals are amazed at Stanley's bravery, Uncle laughs derisively at him and sarcastically suggests to the young dragon that he do a rain dance. Determined to prove the pompous Uncle wrong, Stanley sets off on his quest and Uncle continues to insult and mock him as he leaves. Realizing Uncle has no regard for anybody but himself, the dragons criticize his leadership and demand the Leader back, making Uncle seethe with fury.

After Stanley returns, his plan to kill the Leader and become the Alpha-Dragon succeeded, but Stanley exposes Uncle that he is the true mastermind behind the plot because he imprisons the dragons into crystals. Kevin told him to not let the kingdom die, so Uncle grows into a big, treacherous monster and fought both Kevin and the King, crushing Kevin's sword in his mouth. Stanley gave Kevin his bow, and the King shot an arrow to him. Being a pro at "Catch and Fire", Kevin throws the sword and shot Uncle in the heart, killing him and sending him falling into the lake, exploding in a flash of magic lights.




  • Uncle bears a similar appearance to Scar from the animated Disney film, The Lion King.
    • They also appear as the main antagonists in the film.
    • They aspire to inherit the throne of the protagonist's father although they are not the true heirs (however, Uncle is a rogue lion not related to Stanley's family, while Scar is the brother of Mufasa (curiously, in the original script of The Lion King, Scar was set to be a rogue lion not related to Mufasa's family).
    • They used the female leads as pawns in their plans (Uncle: Maggie, Scar: Nala).
    • They committed tragic murders to the old rulers and claimed it to be an accident (Uncle: the Dragon Leader, Scar: Mufasa).
    • They admitted to those murders when confronted by the heroes (Uncle: Stanley, Scar: Simba).
    • They were finally defeated by the film's protagonist (however, Scar was eaten by his minions at the end of the film, while Uncle was stabbed in the heart by Prince Kevin).
      • However, the two of them are completely different by morals. Uncle was just a pompous jerk instead while Scar was Pure Evil. So compared to Scar, Uncle was a saint.
  • Uncle is also similar to Maleficent from Disney's 16th full-length animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty.
    • Both are sorceresses, both turned into dragons at the end, and both have died of falling.
      • However, the two of them are completely different by morals. Uncle is male while Maleficent is female.