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Play your favorite classic video games, including deluxe versions on this handheld video gaming console!
~ Box art description for the Ultimatium

The Ultimatium is a portable video gaming system created and developed by LMNO Electronics. It is a video gaming system that plays classic video games from each video gaming system. So far, this video gaming handheld system has been released on September 25, 2020.


The Ultimatium is a handheld video gaming console that is similar to the Nintendo Switch which was released in the year 2017. This handheld video game console plays classical video games including several new ones from the Ultimatium Treasures section from each video gaming system such as the ones for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 that were in the past generations from 1981-2006. It also plays remixed versions based on classic video games that involves various genres such as crossover and fighting. This video gaming system could be the best selling system that will be over 20 million copies. This video game system can also play on a television screen via the HDMI cable plug which has similar functions to the Nintendo Switch. The Ultimatium has a built in function called the slot machine where players have a chance to win coins to earn XP and level up to earn gems to unlock new video games from the shop. It also has the "rewind" feature where players can rewind during gameplay on a video game which is similar to that function for the Nintendo Switch Online versions of the NES and SNES. In the Mii Maker section, players can make Miis to play on each video game. Video games also have cheat codes for players such as infinite health and unlimited ammo where they can be unlocked via playing the slot machine called Ultimatium Slots. When playing the slot machine, the player can select any of the themes which can be bought from the shop if players have enough gems. When purchasing this video gaming system, it comes with an Ultimatium Pro Controller, an Ultimatium Remote, a built in micro SD card (300 GB) and chargeable AC adapters for the three controllers. Players can also use the Wii Remote which is compatible within the video gaming system.


Artwork of the Ultimatium, with its labeled functions.

The Ultimatium has various functions that is similar to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita. The Power button turns on the handheld game console. Players can find the Power button near the R and ZR buttons on the right. The Left and Right Control Sticks are the ones that move around. The colored buttons, A (blue), B (green), X (red) and Y (yellow) are displayed in a cross formation. On some designs, the A, B, X and Y colored buttons were edited into different colors. The L, ZL, R and ZR buttons are displayed at the top of the system. The D-Pad has the same functions as the two control sticks. The + (Plus) button represents the start button. While the - (Minus) button represents the select button. Pressing the HOME button displays the Home menu during gameplay on a video game. And finally, the screenshot button can take screenshots which is similar to the function for the Nintendo Switch.

As of February 5 2021, a new update for a function where players can gain the ability to view apps such as YouTube, Netflix and the new UFO Central app.

Here is a list of apps that are being shown:

  • Disney+
  • Funimation Channel
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Paramount+
  • UFO Central
  • YouTube

List of Video Games

For a list of classic and new video games on this system, see List of Video Games on the Ultimatium.

List of Designs

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