The UDM Remake is a retelling of the UDM show. A new cast of characters awaits in this intense action adventure.


A protagonist goes to UDM to find out and learn about UDM with her allies. At the same time, dark forces are all over, trying to destroy UDM for their reasons. Soon it turns out that UDM isn't what it turns out to be.



  • Trini Blake - the main protagonist of the series.
  • Matt Bliss - the deutagonist of the series

Supporting Characters

  • Professor Cassandra - she appears in the premiere warning Trini Blake not to say the name of the magic which Drake wields. She hides it in the Forbidden Ark Hives, and is revealed to be the Dean of UDM, and segregates the students based on their magical abilities.  

Antagonists - there is a sect who wants to destroy UDM

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