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[[Category:Films distributed by STX Entertainment]]
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Tyson 2 (film) Biography Sports film sequel to Tyson (2017 film).

Casts Edit

  • Daniel Ebanks as Mike "Iron" Tyson, Jr.[1]; current boxer and former Governor and friend of Chucky.
  • Alberto Clarke as Mike "Iron" Tyson ; retired boxer and Mike's father.
  • Darrel Swaby as Oscar De La Hoya[2]; former HBO boxer and antagonist-turned-protagonist/Mikey's rival.
  • Jesus Pino as Chucky "Iron Hawk" Torrés; old friend of Mike and ex-trainer and protegé and former boxer.
  • Oliver Swaby as Raymond 'Ray' Tyson; cousin of Mikey and nephew of Mike.
  • Diego Pino as Jonnie Torrés; Chucky's son and Mike's friend.
  • Oliver Ebanks as Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao; Mikey's rival and main antagonist.

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