Tyson (Dogfield)

Tyson is the supporting antagonist in the 2015 live-action/animated film, Dogfield. He is the boyfriend of Eliza Beth, and Rex's arch-nemesis.


He is completely greedy, evil, angry, gluttonous, selfish, and provocative towards Eliza, as he plans to marry her because of her beautiful looks as opposed to her nonconformist and unconventional personality, and for her fortune. Even when Eliza made it clear that she does not want to be with Rex, Tyson expresses his sadistic glee to marry Eliza to satisfy his own ego, proving to be quite regardless of her feelings or anyone else's. He even feels extremely possessive and more jealous after learning that Eliza has actual feelings for Rex, which only incites him in bullying, abusing, harming, and killing Rex so that he can have Eliza for himself. He is also very abusive, insulting, vituperative, uncomplimentary and argumentative towards Rex and Eliza, as he would subject them to pain and suffering whenever things go wrong (even if it is not their fault).




  • He is a gold digger since he only wants Eliza Beth for her money.
  • Despite being a supporting antagonist, Tyson's desire to marry Eliza Beth was the bigger threat and he turned out to be more cruel and dangerous than Erick (although the latter also sought marriage to Barbie).
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