Tyson (2017 film) Action-Thriller, Biography 2017 film.


  • Daniela Jorge as Jessica Andrews, non-actress.
  • Silva Swaby as Mrs. Andrews; Jessica's niece.
  • Jimmy Clarke as Micheal 'Mikey' Tyson, oldest son of Mike Tyson.
  • Oliver Swaby as Adult Micheal Tyson Jr. (dream only)
  • Jamie Clarke as Mike Tyson Snr.; father of Micheal Jnr.
  • Himself as older Mike Tyson; meets Daniel.
  • Lee Clarke as T.K Tyson, Mikey's and Mike's youngest son.
  • Lisbet Ordaz as Jess; boxing ring annoucer, Mike's daughter, and Mikey's sister.
  • Jasser Camacho as John Anthony Cena; wrestler from WWE.
  • Oliver Ebanks as Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao; Mike's rival and boxer antagonist.
  • Roymler Matos as Daniel; tells story about Mike Tyson.
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