Twilk is an Bird-Vulture-Hawk-Egale and a claw-like crab inside his talons who is voiced by Sam Neill. He is a ruthless, strict, bat-tempred-betrayed(sometimes),evil and Annoyed Egale who disliked calling names by Heather was Blue bird and tried to hunt Verne and Hammy down.


Twilk has a withe fur down his body, a large scar on his eye and a razor-sharp talons, a brown and shaved off tail feathers and a 1000 feathers on their wings. He has a dark and male, sinister, roaring voice that anything who gets in their way And a skull holding talon and he has a elder claws than Twilk didnt like RJ's behaviour is scrubbing and sniffing about.

Role in the movie

He is first seen on Max's shoulder and flap down that raccoons should learn to behave. RJ calls him Blue Bird. Twilk grabs RJ by the throat and snarls that Raccoons do not looks so good. RJ spat at Twilk that Raccoons are cute and cuddly. Twilk roars loudly and slam RJ into the wall, Reday for his next meal. The talons were about to slit RJ's throat but he is interrupted by Devin and Roland who is the strongest and toughest shakes his wing and Twilk glares at RJ who is slowly breathing down losing his temper. Paul knocks down the torches on the wall. Twilk threw RJ to the Floor, but the raccoon found his hope and grabs the torch sending him flying. Twilk threw a slow rage and grabs him by the throat again. He is interrupted by Max. Max calls him Blue Bird, Twilk snaps in bloodrunk rage saying "TRANSPARENTLEY!" Then Max leaves with Sam, Patrick, Paul and Devin.

Later in the film, Twilk and Max have a talk and snarls at a rat wolf that RJ was sniffing About. Max caused an idea to think than no one else did either.

When RJ climbs into a barrel of bones. Twilk, now a boss and a strict leader, along with his minions named Rick, Palio, Grezzey and Tyriean, plans to kill RJ and Heather. Max calls him Blue Bird (witch he called him that). Twilk have enough of Max calling him that, grabs him by the throat saying that if he disobey his orders and when Alex gets in RJ gets into trouble and throws him into the barrel. Twilk picks up a bone and harasses him in front of the crew. Twilk is seen a couple of times along with his crew, a cobra named Tilan, a bat with a bone named Anthony, A pink lizard named Rochelle and a Spider named John cheers on this muntiy.

When Hammy and Verne escapes along with RJ along with his new friends Ricky, and Bill. Twilk tries to kill the two. But he slams the door and hit his beak causing the red-bloodied bird to turn anger and rage to threw an axe to the door and Pursued the gang. he shoved the rat wolves out of the way and Grabs RJ by the tail and swung him around in slow motion, the feathers were covered in red flys away to the wind of force, throwing him down. Twilk watches as Max launch RJ to a rocket. Twilk distrust Max by betraying him and the crew. Max tries to absolve himself buthe didn't listen. Twilk threatens slowly at Max, berating and growling at him that he is now "Boss", much to his madness and the rat wolfs Horror.

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