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Twilight Sparkle is one of the main protagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Main Female Protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X    


Twilight is a teenager in the Human World, her eyes are palatinate, hair is dark blue with moderate and brilliant rose streaks and her skin is a pale, light grayish heliotrope colour. She wears a light blue shirt and purple skirt with sparkles (like her cutie mark in Pony Form) and purple and pink legwarmers with black dress shoes. In her other form, she has her hair in a bun and wears thick black glasses.


Twilight comes across as a typical socially-awkward and clumsy teenage girl, who tries to fit in a specific place, which is due to her lack of knowledge of the human world. She's very kind-hearted towards her new human friends. She's a singer of Cillian's band called the Hunters of Awesome.

Duel Disk

Twilight's Duel Disk has a Body looks like her Cutie Mark and the Element of Magic and the Blade is Purple.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X First Series History

World Duel Team Carnival Preliminaries In the Series Premeire, Twilight Sparkle got uninvited to Shining Armor and Cadance's Wedding and discovered all the numbers that disappeared into the human world, so then Twilight decide to go their to prove that she's doing it right, In the human world, Twilight heard about the Upcoming World Duel Team Carnival. But then, She automancally Reunited with her Old Friends, Cillian and Kino.

World Duel Team Carnival Finals

Number Dimension

Disciplinary Showdown

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X Second Series History

Normal Days

Adventure to the Crystal Empire

Power Knights

Final Battle for the Future

A Elements of Harmony Duel

Princess Celestia sent Cillian back to earth after saying goodbye to an upset Twilight before being sent back home to Equestria.

After got all 107 Numbers and the Elements of Harmony, Twilight reveal to Cillian that she got uninvited to Shining Armor and Cadance's Wedding by getting all 107 numbers so then, Twilight and Cillian emarks in a one final challenge, During the final Duel, Twilight able to beat Cillian in her field spell,Friendship Rainbow Kingdom. But then Twilight got shocked that and her monster called Number 99: Hope Dragun. after She lost, Princess Celestia appeared and announce that the duel was the best duel ever. Twilight apologies to her for all the accidents she done, Celestia giggles that reveals that Cillian teamed up with her to help her to come home because she felt worried that she didnt come back so she made a deal with Cillian to help her get all 107 numbers and the elements of harmony to get her home so now Celestia decleared that Twilight's welcomed back to equestria and announce that her crimes is only an accident, her names is now rewritten from every book and records and achievements will no longer forgotton. Twilight founded out that Cillian is Moondrop all the time since he was a kid and now he grown up and she remembers him and kino since the day that they were born, and now, Cillian's grown up and leaving for college. Twilight allowed him to

Rainbow Dash with a book while Twilight is sleeping happily in the hospital

keep the numbers as an excellent gift because she will remember of her great heroic adventure into the human world. Cillian happliy accept it and promise that they will see each other again someday. So now They said goodbye and Celestia sent Cillian back to earth and an upset Twilight last words in whisper are, Well Cillian... Goodbye before transforming into a princess of friendship. But then The Entire Adventure she had was an entire dream and realized that she's in the hospital because she was in a coma for 14 months.


Cillian Darcy

Twilight first met Cillian after he saved her from drowning in the river and became friends with her . At the end of the Series Twilight realizes that Cillian is really Moondrop (her lost adopted son).

Leon Ryan Jenkins

While Having a Nice Cup of Tea with Cillian, Twilight first met with Leon who disliked her already but now after he's been defeated by Cillian, He became friends with her. She's upset that Leon is defeated by Food Dudes

Jack O'Nile

Twilight became Kind and Friendly toward Jack. She upsets that he's been Defeated by Food Dudes

Kino Darcy

Twilight first met Cillian's Twin Sister Kino after been saved by Cillian, and became Best Friends with her. She's upset that she's defeated.

Princess Celestia

n the War before the finals, Celestia arrived to try to apologies to Twilight but instead she's duel her. In the Final Episode of the Series, Princess Celestia apologies and tell her that  


Twilight uses the Utopia Deck features Number 39: Utopia.

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Jack O'Nile 007 Lost
Applejack and Rarity 011-013 Win
Vice Principal Luna 030 Won
Princess Celestia 046-049 Won
Mari Goutokuji 050-052 Won
Nagisa Muzoshiro and Kanta Futaki 087-090 Won w/ Mari Goutokuji
Mr. Kelly 97-99 No Results w/ Cillian and Leon
Pinkamena Diane Pie 99-100 Won w/ Cillian and Leon
Princess Cadence 107-110 No Results
Shining Armor 107-108 Won
Zaxel 170-175 Won w/ Cillian
Cillian Darcy 185-187 Draw
Tom 191-196 Won w/ Cillian Darcy and Leon Ryan Jenkins

Twilight then has a rank up Utopia Deck in her final duel against Cillian

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Cillian Darcy 198-200 Lost

In the Movies, Twilight used her Harmony Deck with her Human Friends.

Opponent(s) Outcome
Cillian Darcy Won (TV First Movie)
Kalin Darcy Won w/Cillian Darcy
Steve, Max and Laura Won w/Cillian and Leon
Demon Rainbow Dash  Lose (Round 1 & 2) & Win (3 final Rounds With Cillian and the elements of harmony all by herself)