The Twelfth Cillian Darcy is the Twelfth Incarnation of Cillian Darcy (Time Lord)


After his Predecessor's explosive regeneration at Waterloo Road, He meets with his old companion and friend Lindsey James who joins him.

Goodbye to Lindsey James

After they take Lindsey away for two years after he founded out she killed her own father. Cillian calling her in prison to say goodbye to her before he travel off to his new adventure without his companions.

Reunion with an old friend.

After his goodbye to Lindsey, Cillian decide to investigate in Coal Hill School undergoing the name "Alex Mason". He gone undercover as the Science Teacher. At the Staff Room, He saw Clara Oswald  (which he didn't see her ever since his First Incarnation), She dating a Math Teacher named Danny Pink.

At night, Cillian sneaks inside of the school and get his TARDIS ready to get outta england but then, He bumped into Clara and the Infostamp fall out of his pocket that Clara pick it up and look at the Memories of Cillian that his lives are up from the past to the present, He glad that he reunited with his old friend.

In the Morning, Cillian saw something evil, returning and decide to let Clara and Danny joined them which they accept. 


Shining Armor (Twilight Sparkle's older brother) came to rescue him and promise that he will help him change his future. Twilight Sparkle appeared so worried Cillian, She forgives him from that inccident, She later decide to help him change the future by making him to regenerate to his Thirteenth Incarnation in San Diego California America.

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