Turquoise Witch is an alias of the sole female member of The Swindlers and Morganian that featured in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer’s Apprentices. The leader of the trio, she usually gives the orders and makes the plans for her fellow teammates.


She is a confident and no-nonsense leader of The Swindlers.

Turquoise Witch is a young witch that appeared on the same age with Janey’s, and has orange hair that tied in a pony tail and matching eyes.

Her outfit consist of grey dress which right sleeve that has been cropped, shorts with color that match her dress, turquoise stockings, light grey pointy shoes, white googles, dark grey mail cap, and a Harpy-Wing Type Magitek Jet Pack that can sprout a pair of solified energy wings that can support flight. The left wing of her jet pack can generate grayish black feathers that had two turquoise stripes on it.

Weapons and Gadgets

As members of The Swindlers and Morganians, Turquoise Witch armed herself with following arsenals and gadgets:

  • Harpy Wing-Type Magitek Jet Pack: This is Turquoise Witch's Magitek jet pack of choice. It enable her to fly at will with a pair of solified energy wings and energy propulsion. Like all Magitek Jet Packs, it was activated with a wind up key located on its left shoulder pad, and the wings themselves designed to steered via its user's telekinetic ability. The left energy wing can generate feathers that can be shot with firepower that equivalent with Thompson Machine Guns.
  • Harpy Sabre: Turquoise Witch's weapon of choice. While possesses remarkable proficiency with this sword, she never brought it anywhere with her because she actually forged it from the thin air.

Powers and Abilities

Magic Spells

  • Transubstantial Transfiguration: Spell to convert an object into another. She uses this spell to conjure her deadly Harpy Sabre.
  • Energy-Throwing: Turquoise Witch's signature spell. Energy bolts that she fires are turquoise in color, hence her alias.
    • Ricochet Bolt: Bolt of energy that ricochets upon hit.
    • Seeker Bolt: Bolt of energy that can follow any moving target and would never miss unless if it struck an object that stood between it and the intended target.



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