True Lies (2019 film) Action-Thriller Comedy 2019 film reboots by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


  • Andrew Smiley as Harry "Gus" Tasker[1]; CIA paramilitary officer.
  • John Henkis Sr. as Albert Gibson; Harry's partner.
  • Rachel Ebanks as Helen Tasker; Harry's wife.
  • Jesika Ebanks as Rachel Tasker; Harry's and Helen's youngest daughter.
  • Jordan Quinton Scott as John Harold; antagonist of True Lies film.
  • Paula Swaby as Paula Tasker, Harry's aunt/Fern's cousin.
  • Tio Fern as Tío Fern Tasker, Harry's grand uncle, Paula's cousin/Augustus's uncle.
  • Joseph Swaby as Augustus "Gus" Tasker, Harry's abusive widowed father and political officer/main antagonist.

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