Name Shinso
 Aliases Shinso
 Base of Operation
 Body Type Humanoid
 Height Varies
 Weight Varies
 Skin Varies
 Number of Limbs 4
 Number of Fingers 5
 Number of Toes 5
 Special Adaptations
 Origin Incarnated aedra
 Universe Earth-8000
First Appearance
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True Ancestors are the reincarnated aedra gods from the Age of Mythology, vampiric beings of untold capabilities. Even from beyond the Earth, True Ancestors are one-of-a-kind, and no matter who, what anyone is, never underestimate a True Ancestor.
~ Alucian Vlad.

A True Ancestor were incarnated aedric vampiric beings of great power of Nature. Being incarnated aedric gods, they possess divinity, the power to call on Divine aspects of the universe, and are considered "Gods/Goddesses" by vampires of all kind.

Powers & Abilities

True Ancestors houses a numerable of capabilities, but the most common is that they are all virtually truly immortal. While they can declare they head "died" or "killed", they are able to regenerate back to their perevious state of existence.


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Shinso is the term for a True Ancestor's magicka power over the forces of Nature itself. Capable of altering everything nature down to the cell, atom and the electrical bonds of atoms, plants, the wildlife, everything born from the planet is under their absolute command. According to Alucian, True Ancestors are called upon by Chronus, the Aedric Goddess of the planet to be their protectors of all things. What comes in with their power however, is their bloodlust, but it's psysological, and thus can not be cured. So, they use their power to supress their bloodlust.

If they use for full power, not only they be able to utterly control the planetary natures and its concepts, they have the capability to absolutely restore anything in the universe, recombining atoms, bonds between matter, and reverse damages via space-time manipulation. Their power extends to themselves, and organic matter, allowing true resurrection of a deceased corpse. Even if only a cell remained of a being, they have the power to restore and resurrect the being. Even those stuck in the Soul Cairn, they can bring them back if they locate their body.


Main article: Divinity
Alucian contacting Thalia via Divine Telepathic Link

Divinity is a special power only contributed to gods and deities. True Ancestors being aedric, possess a certain Divinity attributed to the incarnated astral spirit. Conservably, Divinity is the act of "True Magic" from the gods. Example be Alucian's power to speak telepathically to virtually anyone in the multiverse with his usage of Divine Telepathic power to Arucian Nightwing across the globe.

Each True Ancestor's Divinity is different to each other, as shown between Thalia and Alucian, but Thalia's Divinity nature is unknown, but Alucian implied towards the commandant of vampires of any scale.

Weaknesses & Drawbacks

  • Pyschological Bloodlust: All True Ancestors bloodlust is psyhcological, and so use 99.9% of divinity to repress and contain that lust. This allows almost zero usage of divnity, and when they attempt to use divnity, their bloodlust will surface.
  • Holy & Sacred Objects: True Ancestors can be greatly harmed, and/or weakened with holy or sacred objects of worship. This also inclades the Amulet of the Nine Divines, to which is dedicate to a Divine.
  • Silver: True Ancestors being vampires, are weak against silver, but they hold more resilience then any other vampire.

Known True Ancestors

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