Trostville TSASA
is a fictional town in Scotlandia, and main setting of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerers' Apprentices. This town also being the location where Crossmage Sanctuary Tower resides.

4 Districts

Trostville Map

Trostville Map in Medieval times

There are four known districts in Warren District, in which are:

Warren District

Majority of area in this district is considered as slums of Trostville, and the least populated district. This district mainly consists of run down buildings and a large shanty town built on what used to be the district's park, and not many people visit by choice. This is where Black Raccoon became famous because she was the only one who dare to fight Alden Sykes, the infamous criminal whom kidnaps and harbor childrens to do his crimes. Most of this area full of junk and scraps from machines, either pure technology or magi-tech type machines.

Raido stated that the district was not as dirty as the current time, 1938, as he was once seen a town park similar with the one in Gryphon District before turned into a junkstack and slums. The possible reason of this was due to the serious depression that occured in Scotland since 1922 that marked by economic stagnation in rural and urban areas, and the high unemployment due to World War I. While Trostville was less suffered compared with other towns in the country, economic stagnation that suffered by the town was more than enough to turned Warren District into such state.

This district located on the northwest areas of the town.

Notable areas

  • Junkstack
  • Alden's Scap Fortress
  • Abandoned Occult Shop
  • Abandoned Secret Morganian Training Hall

Brave District

This district mainly consists of trainyards and train stations, either still active ones or abandoned ones. Only one known abandoned old train yard that destroyed due to skirmish between Raido, Tlob, and Ravage. This district located on the northern areas of the town.

Notable areas:

  • Abandoned Trainyard

Gryphon District

This district is more cleaner and more populated district than Warren District, as well as main characters's main home district. The most famous building in this district is Arcana Cabana, which run by Mr. Phil, whom both Balthazar's friend and father of Charlotte the Black Raccoon. This district covered the east, west, and southern parts of the town, effectively became the widest district albeit it's population less dense than those in Morpork District.

Notable areas:

  • Canary-Stutler Residence
  • Camelia Park
  • Arcana Cabana
  • Trostville Police Department
  • Merida's Sphagetti
  • Raido's Workshop
  • Griffin Beach

Morpork District

From all known districts, the district is the most populated. This district also being a location of CrossMage's tower and Trostville's Magic Academy where Raido enrolls in. This district located on the north east part of the town.    

  • CrossMage Academy
  • CrossMage Tower

Outskirts Areas

Notable areas:

  • Plains
  • Abandoned Tower (Destroyed)
  • Abandoned Catacombs
  • Mr. Blake's House

Fashion and Culture

In terms of fashion and culture, the town appeared to be combination of both steampunk and medieval style: Many buildings in the town tend to be modeled after the medieval times though it's already 20th centuries. Also, the clothing styles in the town is quite ambiguous: Some prefer the medieval styled clothings, but others loves the more modern outfits or steampunk-themed ones.

Because the town also serves as CrossMages' HQ, it attracts many people from various nations, whether from Europe or beyond, and even brought their culture with it. Some foreigner may also chooses to stay in the town, permanently or otherwise. An instance of this was some women in the town sometimes seen with dresses with clothings that greatly resembles seifuku (standard female uniform in Japan) albeit ironically, not much people were familiar with one. Others could be an abandoned occult shop in Warren District where it's original owner was implied to be a Cantonese from China.

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