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Tron: Reborn is a 2013 American science fiction film directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Steven Lisberger. It is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron and 2010 film Tron: Legacy with Jeff Bridges reprising his roles as Kevin Flynn and CLU, Garrett Hedlund reprising his roles as Sam Flynn, Olivia Wilde reprising her roles as Quorra and Bruce Boxleitner reprising his roles as Alan Bradley/Tron. The other cast members include Georgie Henley as Alice Flynn/Annie Flynn, Sam's cousin and Kevin's niece, Daveigh Chase as Eve, who save Sam and Alice from get kill by CLU in a Light Cycle match, Tayna Chrisholm as Alia Weston, Sam's friend, Scout Taylor-Compton as Hannah Flynn, Robert Pattinson as Simon Flynn and Patricia Clarkson as Zoe Flynn, Nicholas D'Agosto and Dakota Fanning as Eric and Lizzie, Eric is Annie's lover in the Grid and Lizzie is a girl who helps Sam, Kevin and Alice.


The son and the niece of a virtual world designer teleports to the grid. They go look his father/her uncle, his apprentice who is kidnapped by CLU and they has to save the earth and the grid for 50 hours.



  • Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/CLU
  • Georgie Henley as Alice Flynn/Annie Flynn
  • Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn
  • Olivia Wilde as Quorra
  • Daveigh Chase as Eve
  • Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/Tron
  • Tayna Chrisholm as Alia Weston
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Hannah Flynn
  • Robert Pattinson as Simon Flynn
  • Patricia Clarkson as Zoe Flynn
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Eric
  • Dakota Fanning as Lizzie


Alice meet Eve in her bedroom and Alice and Eve watch CLU kidnapped Quorra

  • Alice: Why Sam don,t think his dad is still alive.
  • Eve: He is still alive.
  • Alice: Who are you.
  • Eve: My name is Eve.
  • Alice: Eve who.
  • Eve: Only Eve.
  • Alice: Only Eve.
  • Eve: Shhh, they can hear us.
  • Alice: Sam.
  • Eve: Your family too.
  • Eve: I am Eve, the one you made me.
  • Alice: Made you, the draw in the paper who the one when I was 8 on my birthday and I lose it.
  • Eve: Yes.
  • Eve: I am here to tell you, your uncle is still alive.
  • Alice: Kevin Flynn.
  • Alice: He was disappears in 1989.
  • Eve: Sam is your cousin, Kevin is your uncle.
  • Alice: No, that not...
  • Alice: Hold on, you know Kevin is my uncle.
  • Eve: Your mum never told her real brother.
  • Alice: What.
  • Eve: Zoe Flynn is Kevin's brother.
  • Eve: CLU...
  • Alice: He was dead.
  • Eve: He is alive, Annie is alive.
  • Eve: Annie wanted me to found you.
  • Alice: Where is CLU.
  • (Somebody open the door)
  • Eve: Shhh.
  • (CLU walk)
  • CLU: What a nice house.
  • Alice: That is CLU.
  • Eve: Yes.
  • Alice: What he doing.
  • Alice: Oh no, he go to Quorra's bedroom.
  • (CLU walk)
  • (Quorra wake up)
  • (CLU put his hand on Quorra's mouth)
  • CLU: Where is Sam.
  • (Alice and Eve walk)
  • Quorra: I don,t know.
  • CLU: You are lying to me.
  • Quorra: Try Sam's room.
  • CLU: He is not here in his room.
  • Eve: He is outside.
  • Alice: What he do outside.
  • Eve: I don,t know.
  • CLU: You will come to the new grid.
  • Alice: The new grid.
  • Quorra: Wait, wait, WAIT.
  • (CLU grab Quorra's leg and walk)
  • Quorra: CLU, stop this, now.



139 mins

Violence and flashing images

PG certifcate

It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures

Notes: It will be first Tron movie, it will be distributed 2 logos, Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures because of Paramount has problem so Walt Disney wanted Paramount distributed with them for this film.

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