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[[Category:Films distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]]
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[[Category:R-rated films]]
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Trollfighters is an upcoming American ensemble satirical action comedy film written and directed by Dawson Joyce. The film centers around a group of ordinary people who find themselves becoming mankind's last hope when a team of Internet trolls get carried away with their antics and become dangerous. The film is rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, sexual content, crude humor, pervasive language, and drug material.


Everything seemed to be normal on the Internet. Trolls reigned supreme with their tactics, until they began to get carried away with themselves, delving downwards as a result. Noticing their wit rapidly decreasing, a group of users known as the Trollfighters fought them, and thus, they started a most glorious war that ended with them winning triumphantly. The Trolls found their world crumbling down. What began as a joke online is now set to become a terrifying, insane reality in the real world, with the Trolls mysteriously gathering top-secret weapons and publicly attacking several cities across the globe. With people dying and buildings crumbling left and right, there's only one hope: the Trollfighters. Having met in person for the first time and chatting on Internet forums for years, it's now up to them to defeat the Trolls and prevent the world from feeling their wrath.


  • Josh Stewart as John Tyler, an often enigmatic but nonetheless perfectly nice guy who has a passion for cinema and is the co-leader of the Trollfighters.
  • Emmy Rossum as Kate Flanagan, a kind-hearted but occasionally feisty young woman who shares John's love of all things film and is a member of the Trollfighters.
  • Jason Sudeikis as Robert Nolan, an intelligent stoner and alcoholic and a member of the Trollfighters.
  • Tom Felton as Graham Vincent, an acid-witted and sharp-tongued aspiring writer who loves to debate and is the co-leader of the Trollfighters.
  • Jay Hernandez as David Tanner, a horror B-movie fanatic who makes short films for a living and is a member of the Trollfighters.
  • Corey Hawkins as Thomas Cutler, a condescending and patronizing but always humorous YouTube celebrity and a member of the Trollfighters.
  • Ken Jeong as Charlie Lorenz, a mentally challenged, wimpy, and loud-mouthed man-child with delusions of grandeur who's a member of the Trolls.
  • Karen Gillan as Lisbeth Antony, a sexist, misandrist woman who participates in hate-sex with Preston and a member of the Trolls.
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Matthew Preston, a hypocritical and contradictory madman and the leader of the Trolls.
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