Trilogy was a series of anthology films.



The story takes place involving three stories told by Stephen Fry. The first story focuses on a boy and his best friend who go to the same school go to a ComicCon and cosplay as characters. The second story focuses on a young girl trying to save a boy from being bullied. The third and final story focuses on a fourteen-year-old girl thinks that a boy who was her next-door neighbor.

Minutes: 134

Trilogy 2: The Sequel

Stephen Fry returns for a sequel of the first film. The first story has Courtney being friends with the same character who was in the first story in the first film, the second story has a girl who trys to join a clique, and the third story has a trouble-making prankster.

Trilogy 3: Tales from the Modern World

Stephen Fry is ready to narrate on the third film in 2017. The first story focuses on a 9-year-old girl being jealous on a new girl who is being friends with another student. The second story that was based on Simon's Hook focuses on a 5th grader being cyberbullied for life and another girl tells him about the 5 ways to avoid being bullied: agree with the bully, distract the bully or change the subject, laugh or make a joke, stay away or ignore, and do little or nothing. The third and final story focuses on middle school students doing a truth or dare game.


  • Stephen Fry as the Narrator


  • David Mazouz as Luis Stevens, a troubled 5th grader who loves cosplaying
  • Zach Callison as Jack Sullivan, Luis' friend
  • Katie Leung as Mimi Wong, a cosplayer and Luis' love interest
  • TBA as Adriana, Luis' 12-year-old overreacting sister
  • TBA as Mr. Stevens, Luis' father
  • TBA as Mrs. Stevens, Luis' mother
  • TBA as TBA, Luis and Jack's friend

The Bully

  • Grace Kaufman as Alice North, a 3rd grader
  • Max Charles as Mike Hopkins, a young boy who gets bullied
  • Devan Leos as Nicholas Carter, the bully
  • Mackenzie Aladjem as Jessica Ford, a girl who is Alice's friend
  • TBA as Mrs. James, Alice's teacher
  • TBA as Principal Darren

The Boy Next Door

  • Katherine McNamara as Ruby Miller, a 14-year-old girl who lives with her neighbor
  • CJ Adams as Owen Newman, Ivy's neighbor
  • Piper Mackenzie Harris as Jenna Miller, Ruby's 11-year-old sister
  • TBA as Mrs. Newman, Owen's mother
  • TBA as Mr. Newman, Owen's father
  • TBA as Mrs. Miller, Ruby's mother
  • TBA as Mr. Miller, Ruby's father
  • Stephen Fry as the Narrator, the narrator from the first film.

New Friend

  • Mika Abdalla as Courtney, the main protagonist of the first story who befriends Luis Stevens
  • David Mazouz as Luis Stevens, a troubled 5th grader of the first film
  • Kaelynn Wright as Adriana, Luis' 12-year-old overreacting sister

The Last Clique

  • Charlene Geisler as Rosie, who joins a clique for a long time
    • Maddie Ziegler as Young Rosie
  • Peyton List as Jenna, a girl who is bullied by a mean girl clique
    • Emma Rayne Lyle as Young Jenna
  • Lucy Loken as Hailee, a girl and member of the mean girl clique
  • Jodelle Ferland as Ruby
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Grace

The Troublemaker

  • Sean Giambrone as Luke, a troublemaker who loves to pull pranks
  • Mckenna Grace as Lucia, Luke's 7-year-old sister


Cyberbullied Forever

Truth or Dare

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