Triangle is a 2009 psychological horror film directed by Jonathan Liebesman , and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Avan Jogia and Logan Lerman. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 16 October 2013.


Jessica (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a single mother to two sons Tommy (Mason Cook),And Randy (Avan Jogia) and she got a boyfriend Ron (Kyle Massey) and his friends Jamie and Connor (Jason Dolley and Moisés Arias )

Encouraged by her friend, Greg (Logan Lerman), to take some time for herself, she joins him and his friends for a day of sailing. Soon, they get caught in a freak electrical storm which capsizes their boat, forcing them to seek refuge on a passing ocean liner. Once on board, they realize that the ship is empty. Jess, however, feels that she has been there before.

As the group of five explores the ship further, strange things begin to happen. Jess comments on having an incredible, constant sense of déjà vu, footsteps are heard in the halls, Jess' keys are found dropped on the floor and blood trails are seen on the floor. A masked figure stalks the group while Jess attempts to piece together the unfolding mystery as well as survive. One by one the members of the group are killed until finally there is only Jess, who faces off against the figure, culminating in her throwing the person overboard.

After the masked figure falls in the water, the ship passes by the capsized yacht with the original five members of the group in exactly the same position as they had been earlier. Jess watches the group board and the events play out the same way they did before. Jess discovers that they are trapped in a time loop, and tries to stop the masked figure again (who is Jess from an earlier time loop) by changing causality. However, her friends still die, and it is revealed that this "choice" was merely the effect of a secondary cycle (as evidenced by multiple corpses of her friends dying in the "new" manner)

Jess figures out that the time loop resets when everyone is dead after observing a past version of herself throwing the masked figure overboard. Deciding the only way to save her friends is to stop them from getting on the boat, thus she must kill all their present counterparts in order to have the loop repeat itself. However, when events play out the same way again, she falls overboard when the new version of herself attacks her, and wakes up on a beach near home.

Jess reaches home and sees herself and her sons. Sequences are shown that were not shown in the first instance of this scene, portraying Jess as good mother not abusing her sons. Jess is disgusted at how she used to treat her sons, and kills the Past Jess in order to take her place. Thinking it best to get out of town, she heads off with her sons in back and the body in the trunk. She hits and kills a seagull, and after one of Tommy's outbursts, decides to throw it into a nearby ditch. Here she discovers many other seagull corpses, revealing that she is still caught in the time loop. When her attention is diverted, she accidentally sideswipes a truck, causing her car to flip over, killing her son Tommy But Not Randy and Ron.

Jess And Randy and Ron , in shock, stands nearby the crash site. A taxi driver approaches, and, with condolences, offers to take her and Randy and ron somewhere else. She and randy and ron leaves with him to go to the harbour to meet up with Greg and the group (because she feels this is the only way to save her son): beginning the cycle again.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jess
Kyle Massey as Ron
Moisés Arias as Connor
Jason Dolley jamie
Logan Lerman As Greg
Avan Jogia as randy
Mason Cooks as tommy
Courteney Cox As Sally
Briana Evigan as Heather
Shane Dawson Downey
Tyler Hilton as Victor
Trevor Morgan as Jack
Steven Weber as Driver


Jess and Ron

Jess:im in here ron
Randy:mom jamie and connor are here
Connor: a fucking gynaecologist got sued for a pap smear he was also my twin brother jessica can i have sex with you
Jamie:what with connor
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