Trial of the Century is the two-part episode that are twenty-first and twenty-second episodes of the second season the American police procedural and legal drama television series The Sullivans. It is a two-part season finale.


Part 1

Katherine is assigned to be a member of the prosecuting team in Washington D.C. on a huge, widely-publicized and heavily secured trial against the surviving members of the human trafficking ring. The trial becomes an intense battle of wits against the elite prosecution team and the powerful defense team.

Part 2

As the trial reaches towards it's climax, Drake, Katherine and others work to discredit the defense team.


Part 1

A few days after the nationwide trafficking ring bust, the FJU watches as Evans is taken away by the FBI to be extradited to D.C. for trial. Drake, Katherine and the others are then visited by Assistant U.S. Attorney Reggie Allen (Lance Reddick). Allen enlists Katherine to be a member of the special prosecution team in Washington D.C. on a huge, widely-publicized and heavily secured trial against the surviving high-ranked members of the human trafficking ring. He also tells her that she and her family will stay in an isolated house in Virginia outside of Washington during trial for their protection. After a moment of hesitation, Katherine and Drake agree to join in and Katherine recruits Doyle, Cohen and Dr. Fleiss to join the team. Doyle, however, turns it down since his surrogate Mellissa, will give birth soon, so Katherine recruits EADA Peake to take his place.

After the Sullivan family and Cohen reach D.C. settle in the Virginia home, Katherine and Drake meet with the prosecution team, which consists of Allen, who will lead the team and handle opening and closing arguments, New York Executive A.D.A. Melissa Paige (Laura Innes) who will handle the logistics of the team and some questions, Paige's DA investigator Hector Arroyo (Anthony Ruivivar) will be the lead investigator for the trial with Drake, Cohen and other investigators, Chicago psychologist Norman Porter (Terry O'Quinn) who will handle the insight of defendants, defense lawyers and the morale of the team with the assistance of Fleiss, FBI analyst Frank Mitchell (Robert Bailey Jr.) will serve as a computer expert and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys Michael Avila (Carlos PenaVega) and Aubrey Casey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) who will handle interrogations. Katherine and Peake will handle questions to many people in the stands and help witnesses prepare for trial.

Meanwhile, Holmes, Wie and Mikey visit Andrea, who is at a safe house with Audrey. When asked why she kept such a secret from everyone for so long, Andrea admits she was embarrassed to open and worried that everyone would judge her. Wie, however, praises her of her bravery, reminding her that she is a survivor, while reflecting on her sister. Mikey, meanwhile, bonds with his long-lost niece Audrey over their unusual hobbies. Holmes asks Andrea if she has told Audrey the full truth about her and Evans yet, but Andrea admits she is reluctant to do so. Holmes understands, but also warns Andrea that Audrey will push for more answers to know who she is.

Back in DC, the trial starts with one of the preceding judges being the stern, steadfast Ed Walsh (special guest star Tommy Lee Jones). Among the defense lawyers include Wendell Barnes (Tom Sizemore), Sara Kowalski (Stana Katic), Lonnie Ridenhour (Cress Williams) and others. In the opening hearings, most defendants plead not guilty while some others opted to plead guilty. While the ones that plead guilty are sentenced in a matter of days, Judge Walsh and the others remand most of the "not guilty" plea defendants and puts others on strict house arrest. Allen makes his opening statement about how so many girls were abducted and sold into human trafficking and that Nelson and others used their connections and reputations so that no one around the nation would be able to see who and what they really were. Barnes makes his opening argument about the defendants and how they have been unjustly accused, stating that majority of them are pillars of the communities and how they've influenced the nation in a positive way, and that the charges against them are unfounded.

Allen, Katherine, Peake, Paige and Avila make their case to Judge Walsh and the others about the evidence and witnesses provided by various local law enforcement officials, the FBI and such, including the video of Nelson revealing that he is the mastermind behind the ring and the rescued victims by all local and federal law enforcement officials. Barnes, Kowalski and Ridenhour argue about how the video was obtained, how the witnesses, including Audrey, Mary and Finn, were prepped, if the the chain of custody was intact and such.

Later, Richter and Wayne call Drake from Nebraska, revealing what their search for answers about Audrey has turn up: she was adopted by young couple Larry and Brenda Donzinger when she was a newborn and was named as "Scarlett". The couple moved to Louisville, but then four months later, the Donzingers died in a car accident. Scarlett survived and was later adopted by someone else. However, Richter and Wayne admits to Drake that they have strong suspicions about the car accident and how Evans ended up getting Scarlett/Audrey in his care. Later, Drake meets up with Katherine and Holmes and the three talk about Richter and Wayne's discoveries about Audrey, but disagree over what caused the car accident. Then, Fleiss arrives and inform them of a discovery she found in Andrea's medical records before telling them that Evans might have done more than just abuse her.

Meanwhile, Avila, Casey, Arroyo and Cohen question one of the ring members who pled guilty, who eventually reveals that his collaborator, a Philadelphia criminal court judge name J. Thomas Erickson, was partners with Nelson when they were ADAs. He told them that Nelson and Erickson once handled a kidnapping/rape case years ago and apparently, the defendant was going to make a deal with the FBI in Philadelphia in exchange for revealing apparently corruption in the DA's office, and he was found dead in his holding cell the following morning. Later, Allen, Katherine and Paige debate on how to ensure the video surveillance evidence revealing Nelson as the leader and the list of names of those in the ring doesn't get suppressed in court.

Meanwhile, Drake, Arroyo and Cohen inform Winder, Pearce, Allen and Porter via video conference call the recent discoveries. Drake wants to question Evans, but Allen refuses to allow anyone to see him and Pearce and Arroyo agree with him. However, Winder questions Drake about his personal feelings on the case. Drake admits he blames himself for failing to keep Wie's sister Lisa safe, not noticing Evans' true color and not keeping his eyes on Mary, but Winder assures him that he is a good detective and a great father. Porter says that he has been studying Evans's psychological profile. Also, Holmes and Ruiz arrive at the safe house where they talks to Andrea and Audrey. While Ruiz questions Audrey in private, Holmes tells Andrea that they looked up on her medical records and discovered something else. As Holmes show her the records, Andrea promises him that she has already tells everything but Holmes convince her into opening up more, promising Andrea that she can finally start to truly heal if she does.

At their Virginia house, Drake reveals what he told Winder to his father. Ryan tells him that Katherine said that she blamed herself for putting Finn, Mary and Joey in danger back when she wanted to find her family's killer and Richard Coleman came after them, and he convinced her to tell Drake about it so she can heal her emotional wounds. Ryan says to his son that Katherine is a tough, strong-willed woman and attorney, but also a good, caring person and needs support from those she loves to get through with her life, just like him. Ryan says that he's known Judge Walsh since their law school days and assures that he is a man of justice, but also wants enough solid evidence presented at trial. Then, Drake gets a call from Richter who is at a Louisville police station with Wayne, C.J. and Francis. Richter tells Drake that the Donzingers' car accident was caused by their car's brakes failing, but that the accident didn't kill the couple. Then, C.J. and Francis send the evidence to a confused Drake, who learns the couple was murdered prior and somebody staged the crash as an accident. Also, it's shown that Evans was in Louisville, having seemingly stalked Scarlett/Audrey's adopted parents before their deaths. After Drake ends the call with Richter, Holmes calls him and begs him to come to the safe house, explaining that Andrea confesses something important. As Drake and Katherine arrive at safe house, Holmes convinces Andrea to tell them what she told him. She tells them that Evans raped her on the night she fought back against him. After the assault, she knocked him out in anger and left him for good. Andrea admits that she didn't go to the hospital because she was worried about her family finding out, but she was a lot of pain. A month later, Andrea went to the hospital for check up, only to discover that she was pregnant and believes it might have been the result of the rape. She admits she is embarrassed to tell Audrey the truth about how she was conceived.

Later, Katherine meets up with Allen and Paige at the prosecution's office. Arroyo, Cohen, Mitchell and Casey tell them that Nelson and Erickson were the main prosecutors of the informant who was going to tell the FBI about their corruption, and that they were investigated for his murder, but no evidence to link them to the crime was ever found. Porter suggests that they find the rape victim of the Philadelphia case to see if she can shed some light on this. As Arroyo, Cohen and Mitchell go to search for the victim, Allen, Katherine, Peake, Paige and Avila argue to Judge Walsh about Barnes' motion to suppress the video. Judge Walsh says that he saw the surveillance video and, as much it disgusts him since Nelson betrayed everything he stood for and such, doubts over whether or not the video should be used in court. Barnes, Kowalski and Ridenhour dispute the video's creditability, citing that if it is fake, Nelson's career has been destroyed. Judge Walsh says that whether or not he suppresses the footage, Nelson is still out as White House Chief of Staff and the President won't reinstate him even if he's found not guilty. Also, Nelson is listed on the computer files over the shootout in the Denver restaurant, so he won't suppress the list of names of those involved in the ring either. Back in Denver, Wie is driving home when she see Andrea's father Burton wandering in the street, heavily drunk. As Wie picks up and drives him home, Burton breaks down and blames himself of letting Evans get so close to his family and take advantage on Andrea, but Wie assures Burton that it's not his fault, promising Evans will pay for what he did.

Meanwhile, Andrea decides to confront Evans face-to-face, with Drake offering his support. After some pleading, they convince Allen to let them question him over how he learned about Audrey and her adoption. When being confronted, Evans agrees to tell them everything he knows and testify for the prosecution, in exchange for pleading guilty and getting a 20-year sentence. Allen, after some thought, agrees to run it by the prosecution team. Evans admits that months after Andrea ended things, his wife found out that his affairs had included girls her age (which he had deliberately kept from her), and left him for good, taking their son with her in the process; she subsequently punished him by ensuring that his contact with their son was minimal at best. Evans became depressed for a while, until he learned from a friend about Andrea's pregnancy. Realizing the baby was his, Evans searched for Andrea, but only found her after she had given birth and given the baby up. After using his connections to track his daughter and her adoptive parents down to Louisville via the private adoption agency they used, he made plans to come forward as Scarlett's biological father and take custody of her, but the Donzingers were killed in a car accident before he could. After doing some investigating of his own, Evans discovered that the accident was a disguised as a hit, put out by the son of Larry Donzinger's employer at the savings and loan firm they worked at after Larry had caught on to him embezzling money from the company. Evans then made a deal with the man to bury the evidence he had in exchange for helping speed his attempt to get his daughter through the courts. Once the case was over, Evans returned home with Scarlett, renamed her as Audrey and raised her as a single father. He later got involved with the trafficking ring after he fell into financial trouble as a result of his divorce. As Drake and Andrea set to leave, Evans asks Andrea if she ever loved him. She admits to Evans that she thought she did once, but it was long time ago.

At the end, Drake and Katherine go in the prosecution's office, where Allen tells them that Judge Walsh did allow the list of members to stay, but has suppressed the footage until after those involved in the surveillance testify and it may be presented just before the closing argument. Drake, angered by the decision, reiterates that that means Finn and Mary will have to testify, and he and Katherine refuse to let their kids on the witness stand, citing that it could put them in harm's way. Paige sharply argues with them about it, saying that they are personally involved in the case. The argument seems to be about to derail the case until Allen and Porter scold them to stop. Allen says that, being a father himself, he understands that Drake and Katherine want to protect their children, but told them their testimony may have to happen since they are witnesses to the Denver restaurant shooting among other things. Drake then reveals that Evans could testify to everything he knows about the ring, which Allen and Avila say that it could be used to bring down Ryder and the others present at the time, and depending on the testimony's impact, could prelude Finn and Mary having to go on the witness stand. Allen informs everyone on his team that they need to work to bring down Nelson and his people, whatever it takes.

Part 2

As the trial continues, most witnesses (cops, federal agents, forensics experts, psychologists and such) from over a dozen major cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Washington D.C., Dallas, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle, Detroit and Pittsburgh) have testify about their cases against the human traffickers, with Katherine questioning the majority of them on stand and Paige questioning others. Personnel from Philadelphia, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas are now set to testify next.

Meanwhile, Allen speaks to Drake, Katherine and Ryan about Finn and Mary being called to testify. Katherine figures that Barnes and his defense team will be looking to intimidate Finn and Mary into slipping up, and Drake suspects that they may try to question their children about their parenting in connection to recent events. Allen says that they, along with Peake and Paige, should prep them for trial and what questions the defense team will ask. Porter says that either Barnes or Kowalski may question Finn and Mary on the stands and that Barnes and Ridenhour tend to confront witnesses on stands head on, while Kowalski might use her charisma to get them to open up about something that could discredit the prosecution team. Paige says that she'll be the one to question Finn and Mary if that happens, since Katherine can't because she is their mother and it might create a conflict of interest. Also, Allen recommends that the Sullivan parents and Ryan not be in court when the children testify since the defense might accuse them of influencing Finn and Mary's testimony due to their close connection to the case; Ryan agrees, but feels that the children will feel more comfortable if someone they know is in the gallery and recommends his daughter Lydia, which Allen and Paige agree with. Arroyo then calls and informs them that they have found the rape victim Jenny Banks, who is living in South Carolina under the married name of Mayfield and has a son. They state that Jenny confessed that the defendant never raped her. Arroyo, Cohen and Mitchell also reveal that they found another case that Nelson and Erickson worked on with a rape victim name Alisha Richards, who also confirmed the same thing. They reveal that Banks and Richards confessed that Nelson and Erickson manipulated them into testifying against the defendants who "raped" them.

After a long day, the detectives of the FJU, MCS and Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit meet up in a private restaurant to talk about the trial. Then, Holmes reveals that he has been called up to testify and gets worried, but his colleagues reassure him. Later, Ryan and Lydia arrive at the restaurant with Finn and Mary, but Andrea notices Audrey is not with them. Mary admits that Audrey went to see her father, which horrifies everyone. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, a disguised Audrey sneaks past security and poses as a visitor to confront Evans. She lambasts her father for ruining her life. Evans defends himself, trying to explain that he was protecting her from the truth, but Audrey calls out her father for his actions. As Audrey sets to leave, Evans admits to his daughter that he never understand why her mother decided to give birth and give her up. He remorsefully admits that he was a great cop, but a horrible boyfriend, husband and father the first time around, and didn't realize it until it was too late and he had lost everyone he loved and cared about; he also admits that it was why he did what he did to get custody of her, so he could have a second chance to be the man and the father he should have been, which is why he had to stop Ryder and Williams from killing her. Audrey breaks down in tears as Drake, Holmes, Andrea, Pearce and police guards arrive at the cell. Andrea quickly drags her upset daughter out of the cell while Evans tells Drake and Holmes that he is looking forward for their testimonies, wishing them genuine luck that none of them mess up.

The next day, Holmes, still worried ahead of his testimony, turns to his dad, Terrell, Ruiz and Wie for solace, and they give him words of advice. Andrea argues with Katherine and Peake, wanting to pull Audrey out of testifying, but Audrey refuses, adding that she only wanted to confront her father face-to-face. Judge Walsh also brushes off Katherine and Andrea's worries, explaining that a extra guard has been hired to keep eye on Evans the whole time in court, including when he gives his testimony. Meanwhile, Ryan meets up with Frank and Burton near the Lincoln Memorial, and three fathers bond over their children, and discuss their biggest fears about fatherhood and grandfatherhood, before they all head to court to support Drake, Holmes and Andrea.

In court, Arroyo and Cohen arrive with Alisha Richards (Candice Patton), Jenny Mayfield (Nicola Peltz) and Mayfield's family. With Katherine questioning them on the stand, Mayfield and Richards testify as character witnesses that both Nelson and Erickson raped them when they were ADA's and threatened to use their connections to ruin the reputations of them and their families if they didn't testify against the wrong people, aka the "defendants" they put away. They testify that they kept things secret out of shame and fear of the threats Nelson and Erickson made. Ridenhour asks both why didn't tell the truth about all this later, even back when the two D.A. were investigated for the murder of an informant; Richards admits that she was ashamed and Mayfield says that she kept that hidden out of fear of Nelson and Erickson's connections. Ridenhour reviews that Richards has since been highly sexually active and has slept with a lot of men, which she admits that it was her way of coping with the PTSD stemming from what Nelson and Erickson had done to her. Mayfield says that she felt ashamed and scared that her family's reputation would be destroyed if she revealed the truth.

Then as Andrea is set to take the stand, Katherine noticed strange behavior between Williams and Ryder after seeing the former passing a written paper to the latter, and Evans observes. A confused Katherine confronts Pearce, who tells her about Evans' wishes of good luck to Drake and Holmes ahead of their testimonies. She warns Katherine that she is concerned that Evans or one of the others might have something up their sleeves. After Katherine and Allen inform Judge Walsh, he agrees to let them investigate what Williams sent to Ryder and provide extra security on them and Evans. Katherine then questions Andrea; she describes herself as a quiet girl, before Evans sets his eyes on her and then explains the full details of her and Evans' relationship. Also, she admits she didn't come clean because she was trying to put Evans behind her, never expecting that he would return into her life. Ridenhour asks Andrea about about her experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how she "planned her revenge" against Evans. Andrea defends herself, explaining that she wanted to prove herself that she was not weak, but that night, when she attempted to leave Evans once and for all, he attacked and raped her once and got prepared to do it again, but she regained the strength to fight back and get away, which shocks multiple people in the courtroom, even Ridenhour. Then, Judge Walsh allows Katherine to presents evidence of Andrea's medical records, which reveals the injuries were consistent with a violent sexual assault. Ridenhour then asks Andrea about her decision to give up her and Evans' daughter without his knowledge, asking if she did so to punish Evans for his actions. Andrea strongly denies this, revealing that as furious as she was with Evans, she realized that she wasn't ready to be a mother yet, and wanted to give her child the life she needed.

Next, Drake takes the stand. Barnes takes over the questioning from Ridenhour, asking Drake why he put his trust in Evans when Major Crimes got involved in one of the FJU's cases. Drake admits that he wasn't too sure about Evans upon first meeting him, and truthfully states that he never knew what Evans did to Andrea beforehand and that Andrea only told him about Evans' connection to her family and his background as a cop during the case. Barnes tries to ask Drake about how did he and the others discover Nelson's involvement, but Paige objects the question and Judge Walsh sustains Barnes' question, ordering him not to ask any questions that the prosecution team will ask beforehand. Barnes then questions about his responsibility to his family and how he could let his children get so deeply involved in the case, which Drake had expected. He responds that he had no idea how far involved Mary was until she showed him the video of Evans and Andrea's fight, and Finn got involved when they snuck out to find Audrey themselves. When Barnes questions his and Katherine's parenting over this, Drake responds that no parents can watch their children every single moment and that his kids are good kids. Paige then takes over the questioning and asks how did the FJU find out about Nelson's involvement, with Drake answering that they had surveilled and tailed both Ryder and Evans legally and the two had led them to the meeting with the big players in Denver, and thus, to Nelson.

As the court takes a quick break, Nelson argues with Ryder in the bathroom. Williams stops Nelson and Ryder from fighting and order them to grow up. Then, when Holmes takes the stands, he noticed some of the defendants smirking and poking fun at him after Nelson makes a racist joke about him to the defendants, something that Williams notices and disapproves of. Judge Walsh silences the defendants and warns them that they will be held in contempt if they keep it up. Barnes questions Holmes about his brothers' wrongful arrests and how it almost damaged his partnership with Andrea. Holmes replies that he defended Andrea from his brothers when they confronted her over her brother Mikey's failed responsibility to supervise the officers who racially profiled Terrell and Peter. Barnes questions him about how he almost attacked Mikey when he was accused of murder. Katherine objects to Barnes' question as to trying to intimidate him to react out of anger. Judge Walsh overrules the objection, but takes note to it and warns Barnes to be careful. Then, Barnes questions Holmes about Andrea's behavior while being partnered with her but Holmes strongly defends Andrea, speaking about her true self and noting that she hadn't been in a good place since Evans returned to her life. Katherine asks Holmes about the shootout in restaurant and he stated that he, Andrea, Nazario, Terrell and Mikey were in the shootout with rogue Secret Service Agents who were involved in the ring and that Evans and Ryder were present in the shootout. After Holmes finishes his testimony, Nelson confronts and mocks him for his "jungle fever"; Holmes rebukes him, defending his friendship and partnership with Andrea. Despite Walsh's warnings to stop, Nelson continues to egg Holmes on, an eventually makes a comment about Holmes' wife and his sister and how he would be all over them if slavery still existed. A furious Holmes slugs Nelson in the face, bloodying his nose, and Williams then attacks him as well out of anger. Bailiffs immediately move to break up the fight, and both Nelson and Williams are charged with contempt of court and removed, while a screaming Holmes is escorted out. Later, outside the courtroom, Holmes apologizes for losing his temper and starting the brawl, fearing that he may have messed up the case as his family and friends comfort him. Drake, Katherine and Andrea, however, promise him that he did his best and he did nothing wrong. Peake then comes out inform the detectives that Walsh has decided to go to recess until the the next day. Later, Katherine reveals her plan to Drake, Peake and Cohen to gets justice for victims in this case, no matter what it takes.

The next morning, Katherine, Avila, Casey, Arroyo and Cohen speak to Williams who, after being disgusted by his co-defendants' racist behavior, wants to make a deal for his testimony against Nelson and the others. Katherine agrees that he will be called to testify along with Evans, and has him placed in isolation and put extra security outside his cell for his own safety. At court, Walsh warns Nelson and the other defendants to remain silent at all times. Paige asks Audrey on the stand about her relationship with her father. She stated that he was strict and overprotective with her for her whole life. When Paige asked about Andrea, Audrey reveals that she didn't knew Andrea was her real mother when she first met, her but when she told her about her age and her identity as Evans' "adopted" daughter, Andrea reacted very surprised. She admits she was confused about this and then days later, she found some of Andrea's old belongings and a old photo of a young Andrea holding a baby girl with the date "June 29, 2011" written on the back in Evans' safe, which she confirms was her birthdate. When she confronted her father, she was horrified by the truth and planned to leave the house, but he knocked her out and put her in the restaurant he part owned. Afterwards, Audrey stated that her father started to free her and tried to get her somewhere safe, but Ryder and his men arrived, with the former planning to kill her himself. However, she was saved by Finn and Mary just before the police arrived. When Paige asks Audrey why she became friends with Mary, a girl 9 to 10 years younger than she, Audrey admits she doesn't have any friends because her father had homeschooled her for most of her life, and prevented her from having much contact with anybody, likely to prevent anyone from discovering the truth. Also, Audrey reveals that her dream was to become police officer but Evans forced her to take a job as waitress. Kowalski then takes over questioning and asks why did Audrey go to see her father in his cell; she admits that she wanted to confront him for ruining her childhood and adolescence and condemn him for his actions.

Next, Evans takes the stand. Katherine questions Evans about his time as a detective and his relationship with a teenage Andrea. Evans reveals he was a just promoted rookie detective when he was first partnered with Burton. He admits things had been declining in his marriage for sometime before he met Burton's daughter, Andrea. He describes Andrea as a lonely girl who constantly overshadowed by her overprotective father and older brothers (something that he had felt with his own family growing up) and admits that he fell in love with her, but Katherine asks Evans why the relationship went wrong. Evans explains that he and his wife were separated when he started seeing Andrea, but Katherine grills him on his decision to continue his relationship with Andrea while reconciling with his wife, noting that Andrea wanted to end things, rather than continue being his "other woman". However, Evans defends his relationship with Andrea to Katherine, citing that decided that he wanted an open marriage, figuring it was the only way to be happy again, but knew that his wife, being traditional about marriage wouldn't approve, so he continued seeing Andrea while salvaging his marriage. Katherine then asks Evans his version of the night when Andrea "attacked" him. Evans refuses to answer the question, but Katherine snaps back, telling him that Andrea attacked him because he raped her, reminding him that she wanted to end the relationship. Evans strongly denies raping Andrea or having sex with her at all, but admits that he did hit her once by mistake. As Katherine accuses Evans of lying, Evans confesses his love for Andrea and Audrey, and reveals his reasons of returning to Andrea's life to win her back, but accidentally mentions Audrey as a "mistake". Then, as Katherine shows Evans the photocopy of Andrea's medical records which reveal that Andrea was 30 days pregnant, before revealing the date of Audrey's conception: September 23, the night when Evans denies having had sex with Andrea at all, which horrifies the court. Evans argue with Katherine, who explains that Andrea give Dr. Fleiss her permission to finds out how her daughter conceived. Evans finally admits that he was drunk that night, after a tough case. He went to Andrea's dorm room, but she had decided to end things. He remembers getting angry and then after that, most of the encounter was a blur save for some in-and-out moments in which he had previously assumed they were having rough sex with each other. As Evans tries to defend himself, Katherine warns Evans that he can't manipulating his way out of justice before asking him about his involvement in sex trafficking ring. Evans explains about the financial trouble after his divorce and admits that he was grieving what he had lost but under Nelson's orders, no one was to sleep with the girls they trafficked, revealing that Nelson had many rules that the members had to follow, and that he'd ordered four of his men killed for breaking them. He admits that he sent Malarkey to kill Katherine and destroy evidence of Audrey's existence. The disgusted Katherine tells Evans that she's got him. Barnes then asked Evans why he decided to testify against his accomplices, at which he replies that them trying to kill Audrey was the last straw.

Outside the courtroom, Andrea comforts Audrey after learning the truth about how she was really conceived. Andrea apologizes to her daughter, admits that she was embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone the truth. Audrey asks her mother why she didn't abort her despite her being a product of rape, to which Andrea admits that even in spite of the circumstances in which she was conceived, she couldn't bring herself to terminate the innocent life developing inside of her, before the two hug, sobbing together. Meanwhile, Williams takes the stand to testify. Katherine questions him about his partnership with Nelson. Williams reveals how he got involved with Nelson for first time, explaining that he got wounded in the line of duty and he needed extra money to pay his bills. Nelson came to him and offered him a side job working with him and others in the ring for the money he needed. After Nelson became Chief of Staff, Williams was placed on the Presidential Secret Service detail under his recommendation. He helped Nelson safeguard the ring to avoid the Secret Service and other agencies from discovering them. Williams admitted that Nelson sent him and Ryder to kill Audrey and Evans. Ridenhour takes over questioning and asks Williams if he has ever killed anyone for getting too close to the ring, at which he admits that he to was complicit in some of those killings and helping cover them up.

Katherine and Paige prepare Finn and Mary to testify at court and advise them what to look out for. With Lydia in the stands and Kowalski questioning him, Finn testifies that he was suspicious over Mary befriending Audrey in the first place and the only reason he and the rest of the family found out was when his grandfather saw Mary giving Audrey a gift. He also admits that he came down on his sister for keeping secrets about Audrey and Evans after she revealed the video of their argument. Paige took over questioning and asked Finn why he and Mary ran off to find Audrey themselves; he answers he knew that Mary would go to the restaurant one way or another, so he went with her to keep an eye on her and called his father about the restaurant. Paige ask why he didn't tell his father about them running off and Finn honestly replies that they didn't want him and their mother to worry about them. He then details how he set off the car alarm to distract the men in the restaurant to save Audrey, and then they all ran to a nearby train station to hide amongst the public before Drake and Andrea found them there. Mary then testifies with Kowalski questioning her as well. After asking about how her friendship with Audrey started, she reveals that Audrey stopped two girl bullies from harassing her and she wanted their friendship to be secret. Kowalski asks that if she hadn't kept her and Audrey's friendship secret for so long, the events including the fire at her mother's office and Evans setting up Mikey for murder might never have happened, which Katherine had prepared Mary for. Mary admits that she was ashamed for not revealing certain things about Evans and Audrey sooner, but defends that her parents understood and have forgiven her for it. Paige then takes over the questions. She asks about the restaurant shooting and Mary confirms that she witnessed Ryder attempting to kill Audrey, so she and Finn had to save her. After their testimonies are done, Lydia tells Drake and Katherine how Finn and Mary did, they praise their children on how they handled things as they hugged them.

After testimonies from personnel from Las Vegas and Phoenix, Barnes has Nelson testify on the stand on his behalf, where he defends himself. After Barnes finished questioning, Katherine takes over. Nelson says that he was a pillar of the community until she and the others ruined his life, but Katherine counters that he did that himself. She confronts him about masterminding the kidnapping and trafficking young girls for years, and Nelson reacts in anger. Barnes tries to object Katherine's treatment of Nelson, but Judge Walsh overrules the objection as Nelson angrily makes a full admission at court. With Katherine, Paige, Avila and others watching, Allen gives a delivers a powerful closing argument that Nelson, Ryder and many defendants did the most unthinkable things imaginable: trafficking young women as sex slaves and ruining their lives, and exploiting their clean cut images and jobs as public servants, peace keepers, lawmen, and lawmakers to do it. He shows everyone the surveillance video, which Walsh granted him to show, of Nelson meeting with Ryder, Evans and Williams and admitting that he was the leader of the human trafficking ring. Allen ends his closing argument with the notion that Nelson, Ryder and the others must be held accountable for their evil deeds as anyone who knowingly breaks the law.

After a long day in court, the detectives of the FJU, MCS and Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit go to the Sullivan family's Virginia house where Pearce and Winder give a statement before the verdict. Then, Katherine gets a call from Doyle who announces the arrival of his baby girl, Joyce Montgomery-Doyle. The detectives celebrate the news. Richter and Holmes rush to the garden to tell Andrea about the news, but find her and Audrey speaking to Danielle and Piper on video call. Then, Chris takes over the phone and assures Andrea that she did everything she could, while also apologized for failing her. Andrea, however, tells Chris that he was a good husband and is still a great father to their girls.

The verdict comes set in: Nelson, Ryder and many members are found guilty, much to the elation of everyone, especially Drake, Katherine and their family, as well as Andrea and Audrey. Allen praises Katherine for her help bringing down Nelson and everyone else and said that she will receive a lot of praise from the nation. Allen offers Katherine a job for the U.S. Attorney's office, but Katherine politely turns it down, saying that she's happy where she's at and that she has family. Judge Walsh meets with the Sullivans and recognizes Ryan as his old law school classmate.

One week after the trial, everyone is back in Denver, where the majority of the FJU and D.A.'s team celebrate the birth of Doyle and Jake's daughter Joyce and Nazario's promotion. Then Nazario, who officially accepts his promotion, told everyone how they've all impacted his life as a Denver cop and DA investigator to help him reach this moment, and thank him. Everyone, including Bishop, Katherine and Cohen, congratulates him. Wie and her family arrives with her newborn niece, whom they named Wendi-Lisa Russo, partially in honor of her mother and partially in accordance with her mother's last wish. Andrea and Audrey arrive at the Donnell family house. Audrey meets her family for the first time and they all accept her. Burton and Maggie are the first to welcome her to the family, even though it is not under the best circumstances. The Sullivans celebrate their success at home happy to be living the true meaning of family.


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  • Tommy Lee Jones as Judge Ed Walsh

Guest Cast

  • Lance Reddick as Assistant U.S. Attorney Reggie Allen
  • Laura Innes as New York Executive A.D.A. Melissa Paige
  • Tom Sizemore as Lawyer Wendall Barnes
  • Stana Katic as Lawyer Sara Kowalski
  • Terry O'Quinn as Psychologist Dr. Norman Porter
  • Cress Williams as Lawyer Lonnie Ridenhour
  • Anthony Ruivivar as New York DA investigator Hector Arroyo
  • Carlos PenaVega as Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Michael Avila
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus as Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Aubrey Casey
  • Robert Bailey Jr. as FBI analyst Frank Mitchell
  • Nicola Peltz as Jenny Mayfield (part 2 only)
  • Candice Patton as Alisha Richards (part 2 only)


Part 1

  • Eugene Winder (to Drake Sullivan): Why are you obsessed with Evans? I am only asking but I want to know your feelings in the case.
  • Drake Sullivan: I want to get justice so badly but how could I help? I mean I didn't protect Hannah's sister from her husband, I didn't see what kind man that Lieutenant Evans is and I didn't focus on my daughter. I let it happen under my nose.
  • Eugene Winder: Drake, it wasn't your fault. You didn't know. You are a good man, a great detective and a good father to your kids. I understand your pain but I will make sure that we will get justice.

  • Young Andrea Donnell (to Robert Evans): I wouldn't! I wouldn't do it because I don't love you! I can't do this anymore. (walk forward to Evans) Because I am tired... I am tried of being pushed around (pushed Evans) I am tired of being using (pushed Evans) I am tired of being your other woman in your life! (pushed Evans into the floor) I wouldn't let you break me again! I mean, look at you, you are pathetic, selfish and useless. (laugh) Also, the worst mistake of my life. I feel bad for your wife, staying with a loser. And your kid, oh, I can't believe he has you as his dad. One day, you will realize what kind of man are you and I will make sure you lose everything you care about.

  • Andrea Donnell (voiceover during the second flashback scene after the 'offscreen' rape): It went horribly wrong that night. I fight back but he fought back harder and he raped me. He punished me during our relationship but it was the worst one I ever face. It was so painful, really hurt. I tried to escape but Robert trapped me. I didn't have any choice so I knocks him out before he gets a chance to do it again.

  • Jackson Holmes (to Drake Sullivan): I am scared, Drake, I am really scared for Andrea. What will happen to her and Audrey if Evans will tries to manipulate his way out and escape justice. Andrea wouldn't cope.
  • Drake Sullivan: Listen, Jackson, I promise that Evans will pays of his actions and nothing bad will happens to Andrea and Audrey.
  • Jackson Holmes: You promise?
  • Drake Sullivan: I promise, don't worry.

  • Burton Donnell (to Hannah Wie): Why did I let it happen? How I didn't see it?
  • Hannah Wie: What are you talking about?
  • Burton Donnell: I let that man letting my family's life. He used us to get close with my Andrea. Why I couldn't see what Robert has been doing with Andrea? I just let him taking advantage of my girl.
  • Hannah Wie: Burton, it wasn't your fault that Robert used his way to manipulate your family. I promise you that he will pay what he did. I promise you.

  • Robert Evans (to Andrea Donnell and Drake Sullivan): I am not a killer.
  • Drake Sullivan: Really? What about your girlfriend, Sarah Howard? You shot her in front of me and Andrea's eyes.
  • Robert Evans: It was self-defense.
  • Drake Sullivan: I wouldn't call that self-defense. Plus, me and Andrea was handing the situation until you blew it out of the bag.
  • Robert Evans: I was playing the hero.
  • Drake Sullivan: Not a very good one.

Part 2

  • Robert Evans (to Katherine Sullivan): Look, she pushed me too far that night.
  • Katherine Sullivan: She pushed you too far?! That is the best excuse you give?! It was her fault that she got raped?!
  • Robert Evans: But...
  • Katherine Sullivan: Do you think that you are fool anybody? Well, you can't. I will make sure that you can't manipulating your way out of justice.

  • Andrea Donnell (to Audrey Evans): I'm sorry that you has to find out like that. I wasn't the best person of opening up so I let Katherine to reveal everything. I admit I was embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. I was scared of telling anybody the truth.
  • Audrey Evans: Why? If I was that result, why did you didn't abort me?
  • Andrea Donnell: Despite what your dad did to me, I couldn't bring myself to terminate the innocent life developing inside of me. I didn't want to become the bad person like your father.
  • Audrey Evans (cried): You are not a bad person, you are my mother.

  • Drake Sullivan (voice during last scene): In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past and bridge to our future. A family doesn't have to perfect, it just needs to be united. Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home. Family is the most important thing in the world.


  • Final appearance of Jeremy Ratchford (Mario Nazario) as a regular.
  • The episodes airs as a two-hour season finale but cuts to two parts in syndication.
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