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Trenny Deanne Nelson (Née Parchment) An Actress and Professional Wrestler..,, (born 1967-2016) late Actress From Her Friend Arley R. Swaby...,,,

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Award: Film Of The Year (12 Rounds film series)
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  • The Shadows 3 (???) As, Cathy Miller (Rumored).,,,
  • Punisher (2018 film) as Maria Castle (Uncredited) Frank's Wife.
  • Untitled Batman (???) as Sara
  • Get It [2016] As, Kelly Swagger (rumored)...,,,
  • Untitled Elvis Presley Project (???) As, rumored / Jennifer Clayton.,,,
  • Untitled Nicolas Cage Project (???) As, Juile..,,
  • Untitled Action Sci-fi Reboot As, Jules Barrett..,,
  • Untitled Action/Crime/Supernatural Project (???) As, Jenn Tatum.,,,
  • Untitled Get It Spin-off (???) As, Kelly Swagger..,, (rumored)..,,
  • Untitled Action/Thriller film (2016) As, Kelly Wright (rumored).,,,
  • Untitled Reigns (Film) (???) As, FBI Agent Jean Jeykll (rumored).,, Martha's daughter.
  • Ghostbusters 2 (???) As, Dr. Miles Walton (rumored).,,,

<>Uncredited films<>

  • The Blue Blood (???) As, (rumored) (uncredited).,,,
  • Chasing a Glass 2 (???) As, Major. Kelly Wright(rumored)
  • Ice Killer: Chasing a Glass 4 As, Kelly Wright/Diana Outis (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Resident Evil Sequel (TBA/II) as, Bertha (rumored)..,,
  • Resident Evil Evolution Gods (???) as, Bertha Goddern (uncredited).,,,
  • Untitled South of Codes Sequel (???) As Anne Hunterson (rumored)..,,, Will's Grandmother..,,,
  • Untitled Three Guns (????) As Kryce Jackyl (rumored)..,,, Rip's daughter.
  • The Baby Driver (film) as Herself/"Dr. Niles"..,,, Meets Baby.
  • Terminator Origins (???) as Annie Bowen (rumored) Mother of Bowen.
  • Delta Force Reboot (2019/II)

as Jamie (uncredited)..,, Scott's friend.

  • Untitled The Punisher 2 (2019 film) as Lisa Castle (uncredited; cuts) Frank's Uncredited Future Daughter.
  • Untitled Jumanji Prequel (???) as, (Future Self) Sarah Whittle (flashbacks)

TV Series

  • The Look (TV Series) as Rachel Benson (cameo)..,,, Chloe's mother./executive producer, story by..,,,
  • Untitled Codes (TV Series) (???) as "Niles" (cameo)..,,, Erickson's revealed his mother.
  • Strikes Back Rebooted (???) as Elaine Porter (cameo)..,, John's mother.