Treasure Planet Alternate Ending is a sad ending from the DVD of Treasure Planet. What if Scroop killed Jim and Delbert and what if the Pirates take Amelia away to the brig? It contains darker scenes


The scene is were Jim was holding the flag, tries to get the gun but it fails losing it. Scroop says to Jim cutting slowly the flag to say hello to Mr. Arrow. Jim tries to grab the pole but fail. Scroop jumps in slow motion, scratching Jim in the eye, cutting the rope the flag falls down and that last thing that Jim sees Scroop one final time and screams louder until it disappears. Scroop tells Jim that he do not come back. B.E.N turns on the plug and sees Scroop swatting his pincers blowing him to sparkles setting the plug on fire.

Scroop comes to B.E.N's shelter and says to Sliver that he killed Jim much to his shock. Delbert and Amelia were gaged and tied. Scroop says to Amelia, after scratching her in the face, hope she's going to hell. The pirates threw Delbert to the floor and begins whimpering In cloth. Scroop impaled him in the stomach, ripping his heart. Amelia screams in a sob and dispear. The Pirates dragged Amelia away outside the shelter, brutally injured her off-screen. Scroop turns to Delbert's corpse and swatting his pinchers killing him as the screen goes black.

Later, Scroop holding Delbert's head that he killed him causing Everyone to scream. The Pirates set the whole town on fire. All of the children ran away, but the fire crushes all of The Benbow Inn customers killing them off-screen. Scroop glares an evil smile hoping that vengeance rises and good would stamp out by evil.

After training a brutal vengeance, Amelia who is bruised, battered and injured tearfully dragged away and gets locked in the brig.


  • This ending was not released on the DVD
  • In Missing Trailer Scene Ones of the photos of Scroop scratching Amelia's face, however this scene doesn't up in the movie. It was shown next to Scroop holding a purp.
  • Scroop is killing an protagonists in Twisted Princess.
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